Cutting Edge Treatment Revealed For Plantar Wart Removal

Columbia, Maryland based Howard County Foot & Ankle is sharing information about SWIFT, the latest cutting edge treatment for plantar wart removal. Howard County Foot & Ankle has established itself as a state-of-the-art podiatry practice that serves patients from across the state. Learn more about them at the following link:

Plantar warts are difficult to treat, and traditional methods, such as cryotherapy, tend to be painful and require multiple sessions. In complex cases, these options may not even be effective. According to Howard County Foot & Ankle, the SWIFT technology has proven to be quite effective and shown great results compared to conventional methods when it comes to dealing with plantar warts. The SWIFT device uses advanced technology to deliver precise, highly controlled microwave energy into the problem area of the skin. This stimulates the patient’s body into a healing response and treats plantar warts at their source. Virtually painless, this procedure is a quick, clean, and non-invasive option with little or no recovery time

The podiatrist explains that immunotherapy, though effective at treating plantar warts, has conventionally relied on medications or injections at the site of the affected tissue. These are not required with the SWIFT device, which offers several benefits in treating the root cause of plantar warts. Since it uses microwave energy, it has no need to break the surface of the skin, instead penetrating the tissue to a predetermined depth, thereby ensuring there is minimal debridement. The procedure is also very quick (with sessions lasting between 5 to 10 minutes) and has practically no recovery time. Patients are further pleased to learn that it is both safe and clean — and leaves no evidence of scarring. Learn more about the SWIFT technology here:

As Howard County Foot & Ankle explains, plantar warts are caused by the human papillomavirus, Like any other virus, warts spread through contact. The virus enters the body through tiny cuts or cracks on the bottom of the foot. Most often, this happens when someone walks barefoot on surfaces where the virus is present. With the virus thriving in warm and moist environments, such as locker rooms and swimming pools, there are many situations in which an individual may be affected.

Once the virus has entered the body, it can take as long as six months or more to develop a wart, which can make it difficult to zero in on the source of the infection. Once the virus takes hold and plantar warts develop, common symptoms can include small, fleshy growths on the bottom of the foot (which may be rough or grainy); hard, thickened skin where a wart has grown inward; and black pinpoints in the center of the growth (which are clotted blood vessels). People can reduce their chance of contracting a wart by avoiding walking barefoot, especially in public spaces, and keeping their feet clean and dry.

Dr. Christina Bui from Howard County Foot & Ankle says, “If you find yourself infected with plantar warts, you might have tried a number of conventional treatments. You might have tried salicylic acid or other types of acid, laser treatments, cryotherapy or maybe even surgical excision. While these options can help, the truth is that they are nowhere near as beneficial as SWIFT.”

The services provided by Howard County Foot & Ankle have earned them a lot of praise from their patients. Sarah Neal says in their review, “I had a wonderful experience at Howard County Foot & Ankle. The practice was clean, refreshing and relaxing. The staff was extremely friendly and professional. Dr. Bui was also friendly and took the time needed to answer and address my concerns. She is very knowledgeable, and I highly recommend Dr. Bui to anyone needing foot and or ankle care. 5 Stars from me!”

Those suffering from plantar warts or any other foot-related issues should get in touch with Howard County Foot & Ankle. In addition to plantar wart removals, the clinic’s services include treatments for arthritis, flat feet, diabetics, ingrown toenails, foot pain and more. Interested parties may contact Dr. Christina Bui through her phone or email address. The clinic also maintains a presence on Facebook and Instagram. Learn more about them at the following link:


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