Cushion Diamonds Available At Shira Diamonds In Dallas

cushion diamondsTexas-based Shira Diamonds is pleased to announce that they are selling cushion diamonds in Dallas Texas. The company is dedicated to providing beautiful, conflict-free diamonds to its customers and works only with the industry’s most reputable diamond mines, Debeers and Alrosa.

Cushion-cut diamonds are diamonds that are cut to resemble a pillow, and they are now back in vogue after having fallen out of trend for a few years. According to Shira Diamonds, the cushion cut is actually a blend of the princess diamond (square cut) with rounded ends, which makes it look somewhat like a cushion, giving it its modern name.

The cushion-cut has enthralled Royalty and ordinary folk alike for as long as 200 years, and in fact, was once considered to be the de facto shape of diamonds. While its popularity waned with time, Shira Diamonds believes it is now back with a bang. However, where the reason for its popularity was once royalty and old business houses, it is Hollywood and Sports celebrities who have now played a big role in the revival of the cushion cut diamond.

A representative for Shira Diamonds says, “While jewelry trends are never constant, and can change from year to year or even season to season, it doesn't surprise any of us that cushion diamonds have had a recent resurgence in popularity. Honestly, it is no wonder that this beautiful cut has caught the attention of the world anew. It is the subtlety of the diamond cut that makes it so attractive. Any jewelry, be it an engagement ring, a set of beautiful earrings that dangle from petite ears or even a simple unstated pendant fashioned from a cushion cut diamond shines with a quiet fire that is elegant without dazzling you — with its brilliance that hurts rather than soothes.”

The representative continues, “If you want to buy yourself a beautiful cushion cut diamond, whether to jump in on the trend or just for the sake of its timeless beauty, you need not look beyond Shira Diamonds. We have a wide range of cushion cut diamonds available, all of which can be crafted into amazing jewelry. All our loose diamonds are certified by GIA and we can help you save on your next loose diamond purchase with our wholesale diamond prices.”

The range of products on offer and excellent customer service have made Shira Diamonds one of the top diamond retailers in Dallas. On the Google platform alone, the company boasts a 4.9 out of 5 Star rating from over 180 reviews. In a recent -Star review, Aileen Ellie writes, “My husband and I had the best wholesale diamond purchasing experience with Shira Diamonds. Kfir is very knowledgeable and friendly. We couldn't be happier with the diamond jewelry we purchased for our wedding anniversary. The designer settings were perfect, and the loose diamonds we chose fit perfectly. Stunning!”

Meanwhile, Sasha Almanza writes in her review, “I first considered Shira diamonds due to the sheer amount of positive reviews online, and the fact they are perceived as Gurus when it comes to designing custom engagement rings on most budgets. I had the chance to meet with Kfir. He took care of me, and I was able to realize for myself how true all the positive reviews were and the above-and-beyond customer service he provided! From the moment I met with him, he was fully transparent and honest about the things I should consider. He was able to guide me through the entire process as we designed the custom engagement ring together, and even made a few tweaks to the proposed design that worked more in my favor and for my budget. He even helped me design a custom wedding band specially made for the ring. The end result was nothing short of amazing! I'd give Shira Diamonds more stars if I could!”

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