Cullman, AL Audiologist Offers Free Trials for the Beltone Amaze Hearing Aids

Audiologist in Cullman, AL

Cullman, Ala. – Beltone USA, a skilled audiologist in Cullman, AL, is offering their patients a free in-office trial for their premier Beltone Amaze 9 & 17 hearing aids. This offer will be in effect until July 31 and will be beneficial to those in need of an advanced solution to hearing loss of virtually any degree.

When it comes to patient care, Beltone strives to provide each person with the most optimal hearing loss solution for their individual needs. Allowing their patients the opportunity to experience the Beltone Amaze hearing aids right in the office will enable them to make a more informed decision about their hearing care before committing to a purchase. One of the benefits of these particular hearing aids is that they connect to the Beltone HearMax app. With the connection to this app, the hearing aids can be adjusted easily by a hearing care professional. Additionally, the Beltone Amaze hearing aids use cutting edge technology to provide the clearest, richest sound quality. They are suitable for mild to severe cases of hearing loss.

For patients who prefer to stay at home during the pandemic, Beltone is now offering video appointments. In combination with the use of the Beltone HearMax app, patients can get the hearing care they need without the necessity of face-to-face contact. These online appointments will be conducted over Beltone HearMax Care Live from virtually anywhere.

Beltone USA is a top provider of ear care products and services. Hearing loss patients choose Beltone when they require a consultation, hearing aids, hearing aid accessories, or a hearing test in Cullman, AL because Beltone is committed to giving their patients the best and most high-quality care. For more information about Beltone’s line of ear care accessories or the Beltone Amaze hearing aids, give them a call today at (256) 775-6004 or visit them online at 

Beltone USA - Bessemer specializes in top of the line hearing aids with an emphasis on compassion and care. Their professionally trained Hearing Specialists strive to fit customers with the best quality hearing aids to improve their quality of life. They offer free Hearing Screenings as well as lifelong cleanings and service on all of their hearing aids. Those who are experiencing hearing loss are encouraged to visit their local Beltone office in Bessemer, AL today.

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