CRM Software Company Commence Is Providing A Free Mobile Application For Its Cloud-Based CRM Software

Commence Corporation, a CRM software company is providing a free mobile application for its cloud-based CRM software. The mobile application allows access to the company’s signature cloud-based CRM from anywhere using any device.

The key benefits of the mobile CRM are access to remote customer data in real-time and the ability to act on deals remotely. The mobile software is designed to be easy to navigate and use for sales and service personnel. The app is available on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Blackberry which covers all bases when it comes to hardware.

Commence Mobile Application

The biggest benefit of the CRM is the ability to access the business’s data without being tethered to a particular terminal. A lot of data hosted by the CRM needs to be accessed from locations such as the point of sale or interaction such as shop floors, surveys, or at transport hubs. This is access to data is important for fielding inquiries from customers, managing leads, and providing business personnel the most up to date information from the CRM. It is not possible to have a full-fledged access point at every location. The mobile CRM extends the functionality of the CRM software and makes the staff that is on-site more productive.

For the business’s customers, Commence Portal provides the ability to login to their portals on-the-go and communicate with the business remotely to resolve any concerns. This allows more flexibility in the kind of challenges the business is willing to tackle. The sales and support teams end up in a better position to serve their customers. The sales cycle can run uninterrupted. It gives its customers the assurance that help is just a click away at any given point in time, increasing the trust that they place in the business. The business’s customers can use the Commence application and start creating tickets, requesting support, or browse the knowledge base to find answers for themselves from any location.

Commence CRM is one of the top 10 most popular CRM solutions according to industry analyst group Capterra. The software is ideal for small businesses because it offers more functionality than other CRM software in its class while still being lean and simple compared to the CRMs used by massive corporations. Businesses using the Commence cloud CRM software report a 14 to 21% increase in sales in the first 9 months. It provides important functionality such as tracking leads and sales, automating marketing, managing tasks, and resources, and tracking customer service. For more in-depth information, customers can follow the company on its Facebook page.

A few salient features of the cloud-based software are a customer profiling system, a customer segmentation system, a sales tracking system, a ticket management system, and a small business project management system. There are real-time interactive dashboards to present the most important information in an easy to use and logical manner. There is an account and contact management system that allows to capture, track, manage, and share vital customer information. There is an opportunity management system to manage every aspect of the sales cycle end-to-end. There is a lead management system to capture, manage, and close leads across multiple platforms. There is a marketing campaign management system to create smarter campaigns that drive traffic with built-in campaign management. There are plenty of third-party integrations to create a single source for front-office processes. The reporting and analytics functionality allows business leaders to visualize the data to make better and more informed decisions.

A testimonial by Audrey Taylor, a sales representative for MediHerb, says “Commence has been instrumental in keeping us organized. The ability to log calls and meetings, schedule appointments, and filter by numbers and cities while on the road enables us to store and retrieve useful contact information as needed. The Commence representatives are always helpful, knowledgeable, and willing to spend the extra time to assist us.”

The company can be reached at 877-266-6362 for inquires. Contact details for the company can be viewed on its GMB listing.


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