Criminal Attorney Jason Bassett is Defending Clients on Long Island in Homicide Investigations

Long Island, NY – Anyone facing homicide charges in New York needs the absolute best legal representation. Jason Bassett, Esq. concentrates his practice in the area of criminal law with a focus on serious crimes such as murder, homicide, and manslaughter. He understands how devastating a conviction and subsequent lengthy prison sentence is to the accused and their loved ones and will do everything possible to ensure that doesn’t happen to his clients.

“My mission is to see everyone who comes in front of me with fresh eyes. Each client could be my own family member who has found their way into a really difficult position,” says Mr. Bassett. “As a defense lawyer, it’s my job to look at each person as a whole, not just a set of charges, and to understand exactly how they got to this place and how it impacts their legal options. Then I need to convey this information meaningfully to the prosecutor, the Court, and possibly a jury so they can understand the circumstances and the person the way I do. The criminal justice system has a way of labeling people and viewing anyone accused of a crime in a very narrow way. As a defense lawyer, I always seek to take it one step further and make everyone involved in the process see a person in the context of a life and not just a label,” says the Long Island homicide lawyer.

Long Island homicide lawyer

As an experienced criminal defense attorney with over 20 years defending clients on Long Island, Mr. Bassett knows that facing the criminal justice system without a skilled defense is a recipe for disaster. As a former prosecutor, he understands what his clients will be up against and is able to counsel them each step of the way.

“I know that by the time someone gets to my desk they are feeling terrified and absolutely powerless. Unfortunately, the system has a way of doing this to individuals facing serious charges. But I remind them that they have important rights, and we will do everything in our power to make sure those rights are protected and will do everything we can to get them the best possible outcome. I have successfully gone up against some pretty tough prosecutors and have prevailed because of what I learned on from my time on that side of the courtroom. Knowledge is power when it comes to any homicide defense.”

The Suffolk County homicide attorney embodies the concept that anyone who is facing any type of homicide or other serious criminal charge has the right to a skillful, experienced, and aggressive defense attorney. He uses all possible legal defense strategies in order to secure a not guilty verdict for his clients or at least lessen the severity of the charges.

Not only is Mr. Bassett fluent in the nuts and bolts of legal defense, but he also brings the very underrated qualities of empathy and patience to the table. As a highly regarded criminal defense attorney with a long history of outstanding legal victories, he is respected by both prosecutors and other defense attorneys alike.

The Long Island criminal defense attorney offers free consultations to anyone facing criminal charges or whose loved one is accused of a crime. Those interested may contact him by phone or at his website.


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