CreditNinja Shares Interesting Facts About Retirement Across The US

Chicago, IL based CreditNinja would like to reach out to the wider public and share some statistics that they have found regarding the time when the average American begins to worry about retirement. Those who wish to view all of their findings may do so here:

CreditNinja recently surveyed more than 3,000 people and found out the average age at which the average American begins to think about their retirement. They also discovered that the age at which Americans start worrying about their retirement varies from state to state. For example, people in Washington begin to worry about their retirement at 29 years old while Minnesotans start worrying at 23 years old. There are certain states where people begin to worry about retirement early compared to those from other states. This is the case in South Carolina and in South Dakota, where residents begin worrying about their retirement at just 19 years old. Likewise, there are states where residents begin worrying about their retirement at late ages. Arkansans begin to worry about retirement at 42 years old, and Kansans do so at 37 years old. CreditNinja has placed a map on their website where visitors can view the average age at which residents start to worry about their retirement by state.

Through their survey, CreditNinja also found some other interesting statistics related to retirement. A third of Americans do not expect that they will be able to retire at the age they planned. A fifth thinks that they will have to withdraw funds at an early point of their retirement. More than half expect that they will not be able to fully retire even when they are old.

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