Crane Network LLC Offers Help with Financing to Buy a Crane

Crane Network LLC, an online marketplace for cranes and other related equipment, is pleased to announce that they are offering help with financing to buy a crane. Aside from cranes, this website also lists other kinds of construction equipment and their parts or attachments. It allows people to search for specific kinds of cranes, parts, or attachments. Crane Network has now partnered with key resources in the finance industry to provide clients with flexible solutions to help with buying or leasing of cranes and other heavy equipment.

The financing companies Crane Network has partnered with have decades of experience in helping businesses with their financing needs and are readily available to evaluate a specific business’ requirements. Those interested can simply complete an online form and once this has been submitted, a financial affiliate will contact the client and discuss the next steps to take. They can offer financing up to $500,000 with only minimal information required, whether personal or about the business. Specific solutions have been prepared for the financing of start-up and entrepreneurial businesses.

Ron Selby Jr., COO at Crane Network LLC, says, “We have partnered with premier resources in the finance community to bring you flexible solutions to assist in the purchase or leasing of equipment. Taking your business to the next level doesn’t have to be a pain. Our trusted partners have decades of experience and are readily available to assess your individual needs.”

The financing companies Crane Network has partnered with are offering competitive rates, providing the best possible rates despite tighter cash situations compared to years ago. A wide range of options and solutions are available to suit specific requirements of a business. Flexible payment plans are offered, such as no payments for 90 days, annual payments, seasonal payments, skip payments, step-down payments, step-down payments, and semi-annual payments.

Another advantage of the financing being offered is that personal guarantees are not needed for solid corporations that have been in business for at least 10 years. In addition, 120 percent financing may be provided to include installation, warranties, freight, and more. Used and refurbished equipment may also be financed if these are less than 20 years old, with terms ranging from 12 to 84 months, depending on the age of the equipment.

A broad range of equipment can be financed, including automotive, long & short haul trucks, construction, industrial, manufacturing, and more. For titled vehicles, financing may also be provided for both used and new commercial vehicles through dealer or private party transactions. Municipal funding programs are also available, ranging from $20,000 to $20 million. They can offer financing for a range of civil projects to help municipalities provide more community services.

Various types of cranes are available through Crane Network LLC. These include carry deck industrial cranes, tower cranes, truck-mounted telescopic boom cranes, crawler telescopic boom cranes, and telehandler forklifts. Construction equipment types include bucket trucks, tractors, wood chippers, forklifts, and loader backhoes. Parts and equipment categories include outrigger mats or pads, cribbing, hoisting, engines & transmissions, shafting, and filters (oil, air, hydraulic).

Aside from financing, site visitors may also get quotes with regards to insurance and transport. For insurance, all they need to do is complete an online form to present basic information, after which one of the company’s insurance specialists will take care of the insurance requirements for a particular project. With regards to transportation, clients may also want to fill out an online form after which a Crane Network logistics affiliate will get in contact with the client to discuss how to ensure safe and dependable transportation for a heavy haul.

Crane Network has 20 years of experience in helping connect buyers and sellers of cranes and other heavy equipment, including parts and attachments. For sellers, they are committed to actively provide assistance in the sale of the equipment.

Those who are interested in learning more about available financing for cranes for rent or purchase may want to check out the Crane Network LLC website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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