Crane Network LLC Now Offering More Choices Than Ever With The Addition of New Boom Trucks For Sale

The Crane Network LLC is pleased to announce that they are now offering more choices than ever in Boom Trucks because of the many recent additions they have added to their available inventory. By having more options available for their clients when it comes to boom trucks for sale, that means those looking for this type of specialized equipment can now more easily find one that meets their needs and fits their budget. This company has been proudly assisting advertisers in marketing and selling cranes, boom trucks, parts, and associated attachments to a worldwide network of crane buyers since 1998.

A spokesperson for the company, Ron Selby Jr., says, “We are very happy to be a website that helps both those looking to sell and buy boom trucks. Although there is a hefty market for these types of trucks, they are not something that is easily marketed through more traditional channels such as local advertising or putting them out on a lot with a for sale sign. That’s where our highly targeted internet-based sales come into play. Many of those that come to our website do so for one purpose only and that is to find the right boom truck for their company. Now that we have more of these available than ever before, it makes the task of buying and selling these specialized trucks easier than ever before.”

Selby Jr. went on to say that boom trucks are also known by many other names. This includes such names as a cherry picker and aerial boom truck. He says that they are the equipment of choice for those in such fields as tree care, roofing, electric line maintenance, satellite dish installation, painters, gutter & downspout installations, construction companies, and more. The Crane Network offers two types of these special purpose trucks for sale. The company spokesperson says that one type is called a knuckle boom which is a truck with a shorter boom that mainly just loads and unloads heavy supplies off of it. He says that another type of boom truck is what’s called a crane boom. These are what’s used to lift people or supplies as high as 50’ or more into the air. Their longer booms can be either telescopic or lattice types and much of what people choose is determined by the type of jobs that they typically do with their boom trucks. In many cases, these hydraulic boom trucks can even be outfitted with special attachments.

The company spokesperson went on to say that they also have a wide variety of new and used crawler cranes for sale. He says that for those that are not familiar with crawler style cranes, they are tracked vehicles that are made to hydraulically lift extremely heavy loads and them move them short distances. He added that their wide track base also makes them a very steady option for moving even the heaviest of loads. These cranes are big and beefy so they are often used at just a single worksite but they can be towed on a trailer and moved if a company has the heavy-duty hauling equipment available to do this. Selby Jr. stated that the biggest advantage that crawler cranes have over wheeled cranes is that they can handle much heavier loads.

According to Selby Jr., not only do they offer many boom truck and crawler crane choices, but their website is designed to help those looking for these types of equipment to get to the listings on their website very easily. That’s because they have added a very convenient search feature to the company homepage. Those looking for a boom truck or crawler crane can do searches that are based on a particular crane manufacturer or by a specific boom truck or crane model number. For people that are interested in finding out how to buy or sell a boom truck online or want to see the cranes for sale that the company has, Selby Jr. says all of this information is readily available on their website.


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