Crane Network Connects Sellers With Premium Manufacturers

St. Lemont, IL based Crane Network LLC has been hard at work ensuring that their users continue to have access to the best crane manufacturers and brands on the market. The company understands that their users are still doing their utmost to maintain tight schedules despite the multiple obstacles they have had to overcome over the past year. As such, they have made it their mission to ensure that their services are similarly available around the clock. Today, buyers and sellers are likewise welcome to use the platform as they please, and Crane Network’s team is always on hand to provide marketing assistance and guidance wherever necessary.

Those new to the platform will soon learn that Crane Network facilitates access to an incredibly wide variety of manufacturers, be it of cranes or crane parts. Users can browse between numerous listings from an incredibly wide variety of manufacturers, including Liebherr, National Crane, Tadano, Terex, Krupp and so on. Similarly, the parts manufacturers they list include Gunnebo Johnson, McKissick, Miller and even Mercedes-Benz, among many others.

While many of these listings are for brand new cranes and parts, one of Crane Networks’ strengths is that they also offer used cranes for sale. For buyers, this can mean the difference between a piece of machinery that is beyond their budget and another that performs the same function but is much more affordable. Many contractors will want to buy brand new simply for the reassurance of owning a machine that has come straight from the manufacturer, but others will likely prioritize this less. Instead, they will focus on whether their purchase is able to carry out the job it is intended for, and Crane Network excels in helping users find exactly what they need for every situation.

Wielding more than 20 years of experience in the industry, the platform has long been able to identify what contractors need and develop new functionality on their website to answer this demand. It is for this reason, among others, that they have identified that contractors sometimes need to be able to rent cranes rather than purchase them outright. This allows them to meet project demands without having to commit more financial resources than necessary, and rentals are an excellent option for contractors who do not often use such machinery in their projects.

The same is also true for those who wish to make an income off their unused cranes but do not wish to sell them. Crane Network’s marketing tools are designed to help crane and parts owners get exposure among interested parties. These tools may also be used to help an owner rent their cranes as long as they are in an acceptable working condition.

An excerpt from a testimonial by Luke Lonergan of Empire Crane states, “There were many ways to try and market cranes — get in our car, stand at the fax machine, send a letter by mail, put an ad in a publication. Then, one day, we received a call from a company named Crane Network — from memory, they were a new company as well. During that conversation they educated me and sold me on the new concept of internet marketing.”

Lonergan explains that Empire Crane has since come a long way with the help of Crane Networks' customizable marketing tools. “With my internal marketing department and the people at Crane Network,” he says, “Empire Crane is able to market 100s of new and used cranes worldwide. I've said many times, I would pay a million dollars for the database Crane Network has and is able to reach in the click of a button — the current and potential customers they can reach is limitless.” Notably, this impressive reach is available to all those who opt to utilize the full scale of Crane Network’s services. Signing up is as simple as visiting the company’s official website and filling in the necessary details.

Those looking for cranes for rent, sale and so on are welcome to browse all available listings on the Crane Network website. Ron Selby Jr. of Crane Network LLC can be reached for further details as well.


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