Craig Roofing Helps Community Pick Between Popular Shingle Colors In 2022

Akron, OH based Craig Roofing is helping homeowners decide which shingle colors to go with on their next roof upgrade. Since many will begin by looking up the most popular shingle colors in 2022, the company advises them to keep certain factors in mind to ensure they always get a result they can appreciate.

The company starts off by assuring their community that there is no need to change their shingles’ color if they are already satisfied with their roof’s appearance. However, in the event a homeowner decides the time has come for a change, the company says their first step should be to have a frank discussion with their roofing contractor. Since many contractors use references to their past work to attract new customers, it is in their best interests to ensure every home looks great. Their experience in the field can also introduce the homeowner to new possibilities that they had not considered — and help them avoid any pitfalls.

black shingle roof on brick home

Next, the homeowner can take a look at this year’s most popular colors. While this is by no means a perfect metric, there is often a good reason why certain colors are picked at a higher rate. This is not always based on the shingles that are most expensive (and therefore expected to be the best). Craig Roofing says customers tend to compromise between aesthetic and practical considerations, so the best colors on such lists might also be those that are more affordable, come with excellent warranties and so on.

This is also why the company suggests that homeowners go for a walk around the neighborhood and examine the roofs, especially with homes that are similar to their own. Looking at a finished product can help homeowners visualize what their own project will look like once completed. Following this, they can start working out what they dislike (or like) about their present roof, and this will help them determine which factors they want to keep.

Finally, Craig Roofing points out that many contractors now provide preview tools (such as a roof simulator or visualizer) that recreate a digital representation of the roof in question. Using these tools, many of which are free, can be of great help.

Craig Roofing is considered by many to be the best Akron roofing company, and their customer reviews easily attest to this. The company regularly receives glowing recommendations from the homeowners and other customers they work with, and reviews generally praise their professional conduct and responsiveness as well as the overall quality of the services they provide. In short, the team at Craig Roofing is able to deliver a technically sound solution while working alongside their customers every step of the way.

DJ and Jeff did a great job working around my not so flexible schedule,” remarks Clint U. in their top-rated Google review. “DJ was able to come out the same day I reached out for a quote, and he was very open with the quoted cost. They were able to get a crew to install my roof on a Saturday since I've been working from home. They were also able to accommodate installation of a new roof vent for a bathroom exhaust that didn't already exist. Great work from Craig Roofing, definitely a recommend for a local quick and efficient company.”

The roofers mentioned here are identified in several other reviews as well. Nicholas R. goes so far as to praise their willingness to rectify an issue that was not within their original scope. The review explains, “Jeff and DJ were fantastic! Jeff came out and inspected the roof and measured it, and within minutes had a quote for a new roof. There was no selling or gimmicks. It was simple and fast. The roofers showed up on time and worked fast and cleanly. When the supplier dropped off the materials, they accidentally damaged the roof. Jeff, even though it was the supplier and not him that damaged the roof, called and made sure I knew it would be taken care of. Craig Roofing was fast, efficient and clean. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a roofer.”

Craig Roofing is committed to ensuring their customers always have a sturdy, sound roof above their heads, and they go out of their way to achieve this goal. Many customers have already personally witnessed the lengths the company is willing to go to, and this is a large part of the reason why Craig Roofing is considered a fixture in the community.

Homeowners are welcome to contact Craig Roofing today for advice on shingle colors and more. The company can be reached via phone or email. Alternatively, Craig Roofing regularly shares updates on their social media spaces, including special offers, announcements and even progress on recent roof replacements.


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