Covid 19 Vaccine Drive in Clinic Launches in Chicago

Aayu Clinics is happy to announce the launch of Chicago’s first COVID-19 drive in vaccination clinic with easy online booking, zero wait times, and extremely friendly service. This means that people who want to get vaccinated can go to their special site and schedule appointments for the first and second doses online. They are currently offering the vaccine at no cost with insurance or via a federal program for the uninsured.

“We are partnering with several local state and federal programs to help administer the COVID-19 vaccine to eligible populations. Appointments will be available as we receive vaccines from these programs,” says Abhijit Shinde, Director at Aayu Clinics. “We've administered hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 tests to date. And we have decades of experience safely administering vaccines, such as those for flu, shingles, pneumonia and more. And we offer two locations to utilize in Chicago for your convenience. These are the Lakeview Immediate Care 1645 W School St and Wicker Park Immediate Care 1601 W Division St locations.”

They want to point out that the COVID-19 vaccination will be offered for free as it is covered by health insurance for those who are insured. For the uninsured, the CARES Act will cover the costs of the evaluation and COVID antibody testing if they can verify the individual’s state ID and SSN#. Those who have active insurance or have Medicaid will not be covered by the CARES act. Meanwhile, what is covered by the CARES Act is a teleconsultation for evaluation, COVID send out PCR swab, and COVID antibody testing.

It is important to note that COVID-19 testing is also available through the Aayu Clinics. They offer a free one-stop COVID-19 drive-through testing in Chicago. They provide a fast and simple testing process with just three steps. The first step is to schedule an appointment and register online. The second step is to go to their Lakeview location. The third and last step is to get the rapid test results within one to two hours via text and the other test results are emailed within one to two days. The kinds of tests that they can offer are the: rapid COVID-19 nasal swab test and consultation; COVID-19 PCR test; and antibody (IgC) blood test.

Meanwhile, Aayu Clinics combines cutting-edge genetic testing and conventional medicine with nutritional and naturopathic medicine to help in preventing and curing disease. They offer goal-focused doctor visits, numerous lab tests, consultations with integrative medicine doctors, and referrals to specialists.

Naturopathic medicine focuses on the use of natural remedies to help the body in healing itself. It encompasses a wide range of therapies, including massage, acupuncture, herbs, nutritional counseling, and exercise. It originated from Germany and was brought to America in the 1800’s and combines modern science with traditional treatments.

The naturopathic practitioners at Aayu Clinics, such as Jay Majeed, believe that the body has the capability to heal itself when it is provided a nourishing environment. Some of the tools that they use to help restore the body back to health may include botanical medicine, mind-body therapies, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, lifestyle counseling, nutrient IV therapy, supplements, and physical medicine. The naturopathic practitioners have the goal of reducing the patient’s dependence on prescription medicine, reversing chronic disease, and guiding people to live their best life.

Naturopathic practitioners always focus on treating the whole person. This means that they treat each patient by considering the physical, emotional, genetic, mental, social, and environmental factors. This includes spiritual health, which is why they encourage the patient to pursue his or her own personal spiritual path. The naturopathic practitioner will also aim to identify and eliminate the root causes of illness, instead of just suppressing the symptoms. And they are always focused on disease prevention. As such, they evaluate the various risk factors, including genetic susceptibility to disease and providing the proper interventions for preventing illness.

Those who are interested in getting the COVID-19 vaccines for those 16 years and older can check out the Aayu Clinics website, or contact them on the telephone or through email.


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