COVID-19 Update - Sydney Gym Cleaning Company Is Still Fully Operational and Accepting New Requests

As the second and third waves of the COVID-19 virus are starting to hit Australia, many Sydney businesses are either shutting their doors or imposing strict guidelines for their customers. Gyms and health clubs are among the most affected businesses, as the fear of virus infection is the highest in these places. Amid the pandemic, the Office cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney Company has announced that their doors are open for anyone looking for affordable & efficient gym cleaning services.

“Many businesses, including gyms and health centres, across the city are still operating amid the pandemic. We as a cleaning company are doing our job to help these businesses maintain safe & clean premises for their customers through our COVID cleaning services. We are accepting new quotes now and on average finishing about 2-3 cleaning jobs daily,” says a company representative.

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The Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Group is a leading commercial cleaning & gym cleaning organisation based in Sydney. The company normally offers a complete range of commercial cleaning services, including office cleaning, gym cleaning, disinfection cleaning, school, hospital cleaning and more to hundreds of Sydney businesses on a routine basis. Amid the pandemic, however, the company is prioritizing the cleaning of more sensitive premises including gyms and hospitals.

“We have created a new team of COVID-proficient and experienced cleaners for this particular purpose. Cleaners in the team are experienced in deep cleaning & disinfection of premises such as hospitals, schools and gyms where the probability of infection is higher. Also, they are provided with all the necessary equipment and safety kits to do a safe job.”

The COVID pandemic, which started last year in March, was supposed to be almost over by now, but the second wave and then the third wave of the same hit the world only recently.

Most of Europe and other countries around the globe are in the grip of the virus and governments globally are considering implementing lockdowns again. In Sydney too, the situation is not very good. More and more businesses, especially gyms, are reporting their members getting infected by the virus, which is why it’s particularly important for gyms and health clubs to maintain a clean and healthy environment on their premises.

People when working out in a gym or using the change rooms can cause the transmission of the virus through sweat, touch and air. One of the best ways to limit the infection spread is to clean the machines and equipment regularly and effectively. Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney specializes in the safe cleaning & disinfection of gyms. Their cleaners can perform deep cleaning along with complete disinfection of such premises, including the equipment, toilets, bathrooms, and other high-use areas/surfaces.

Having a huge experience in gym cleaning uniquely enables their cleaners to identify the areas that are the most likely to cause the infection to spread. These include frequent-touch surfaces such as door handles & knobs, machine handles, countertops, lift buttons, handrails, water taps, toilet seats, etc. and other common use areas like bathrooms & changing rooms.

Besides deep cleaning these areas and surfaces, the cleaners will perform routine disinfection using the high-tech Electrostatic Virus Shield technology. This disinfection method involves the use of a spray gun to apply the sanitizer solution to the surface. Thanks to the unique application method, the sanitiser easily reaches corners, around and behind the machines to properly disinfect and remove up to 99.99% of germs, including the COVID virus.

Regular gym cleaning is very crucial for ensuring the safety of workers and members in a gym. People in a gym sweat a lot while working out, and the germs along with the sweat may transfer to machines. The same thing happens when people change their clothes in gym bathrooms. The germs from surfaces can easily transmit to other people and/or surfaces through touch and thus the infection spreads. Disinfection can help limit the spread by removing germs and viruses from the machines, bathrooms, and other high-use areas in a gym.

“We are committed to offering efficient & affordable gym cleaning services to our clients in Sydney. Even before the COVID pandemic, we were providing full disinfection along with cleaning to gyms, health clubs, fitness centres, etc. in the city.”

Interest gym owners and clubs can contact the Office cleaning Commercial Cleaning Group to hire expert gym cleaning services in Sydney.


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