Coventry Invisalign Teeth Straightening Braces Offered By Dr. Chetan Mathias

Dr. Chetan Mathias is offering Invisalign teeth straightening braces as a part of his wide range of cosmetic dentistry services in Coventry. He is also offering other cosmetic dentistry services such as crowns, veneers, bridges, gum treatment, endodontics, single visit crown, white fillings, cosmetic dentures, and teeth whitening. Patients can find out more about the Invisalign treatment by visiting the clinic’s website at

Invisalign teeth straightening braces are orthodontic near-invisible devices that are custom-made for a patient. They are also known as clear aligners because of their transparent form. They are tailor-made special plastic dental “braces” used to slowly move and adjust teeth into the desired position. They are almost invisible on the teeth and for this reason, they are preferred by adults and teenagers as they don’t draw attention.

Invisalign Coventry

They have to be prepped for installation since they are custom-made for the patient. This can either be done by making a mold of the patient’s teeth or using a digital imaging system, which is deployed to create a digital teeth scan. Both methods require an experienced dentist at the helm as the procedure is nuanced. Dr. Chetan’s service uses the latter, more advanced method to create an accurate recreation of the patient’s teeth.

The patient and the dentist agree upon a desired position of the teeth. After installation, it is recommended that each aligner be worn for at least 20 hours a day for two weeks. This slowly nudges the teeth into the desired position over the period that the braces are worn. The duration of the Invisalign treatment depends on the severity of the starting point. If the teeth require major repositioning then it can take longer. On average, the treatment is about as long as it would be with the traditional metal braces. Patients can read more about doctor’s Invisalign treatments at

When asked about the treatment, Dr. Mathias says, “Invisalign has become popular because the aligners are comfortable, unnoticeable, and temporarily removable. Invisalign helps you get your desired teeth position without disrupting your work or social life. We are often requested to carry out this procedure for those exact reasons. Through our years of experience, we have become the best option for the procedure in Coventry. We take special care of each and every patient that walks in through those doors. We take pride in giving back the patients their smiles and confidence. We want you to experience the same liberation that we have been able to provide to countless patients. Book a consultation with us today and you will find out why we are loved by our clients.”

A patient talking about their decision to get the Invisalign treatment says, “People often ask me how I felt before I had dental treatment and what I’d say is that I felt very self-conscious about my smile and even while I was talking. I was quite concerned about how my teeth would look and it was always on the back of my mind about what would people think about how my teeth were and things like that. I was quite nervous about having photographs taken. The reason I wanted to get the dental procedure is that I got to an age where I thought, why not. Lots of adults have dental treatment. It’s not uncommon. I looked at social media sites and saw that quite a lot of people have gone through a great transformation. So I just bit the bullet and made the appointment. I had nothing to lose by going in and speaking to somebody about it.” The video then shows the doctor walking through the process of scanning the teeth, looking at their alignments, and visualizing how the teeth would look after treatment.

The Invisalign dentist in Coventry is urging patients who are unhappy with the positioning of their teeth to arrange for a complimentary consultation. The clinic can be contacted at the phone number 024-7526-2626. The clinic is located at 298 A-C Foleshill Road, Dental Implant Surgery, Coventry CV6 5AH.


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