Coventry Dental Implants Dentist Announces Virtual Consultations To Help Patients During Lockdown

Coventry based Verum Dental Implants is pleased to announce that they are now offering virtual consultations for those who want to attend their first appointment for assessment on receiving a dental implant treatment at the clinic. The virtual consultation service helps patients in getting the professional opinion from a dentist without leaving home by using just their mobile smart phone.

Patients can start with a free virtual consultation by simply following this link:

Dr. Chetan Mathias, the principal dentist at Verum Dental Implants, says, “As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold across the country, the Verum Dental Implants team’s commitment to providing high level care to both new and existing patients has never been more important. We want to do our part to help our patients while curbing the spread of this virus, and as virtual care has been recommended as an effective way to help avoid exposure and spread of viruses, Verum Dental Implants offers virtual consultations for anyone who needs to take care of their dental health.”

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To ensure that people take proper advantage of the virtual consultations, Verum Dental Implants has made it really easy for any patient to get started. A patient does not need to book an appointment right at the beginning. Instead, using their smart phone, they can visit the link provided above at any convenient time and provide information about themselves, their dental needs and also submit images of their smile.

Patients using virtual consultation facility from Verum Dental Implants have to follow a few simple steps. They need to upload a few photos of their teeth on the Verum Dental Implants website, after which they can get their dental report without leaving their home. For any follow up remote virtual consultations, all one needs is a mobile phone and a quiet place at home.

Dr. Mathias has many years of experience in the dental field and has been presented with multiple awards for his time providing cutting edge dental implants treatment. He qualified in 2004 in implant dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh with a special interest in complex implant dentistry and has worked as a cosmetic dentist for more than 10 years. His unique areas of expertise include special focus in CAD/CAM dentistry, single visit crowns and impression less bridges.

To make it easy for those who have an appointment at Verum Dental Implants for a consultation can find directions here:

The services provided by Verum Dental Implants have earned the dental clinic a lot of praise from their patients. In a review posted online, Frances G. says, “Outstanding treatment received. From my first inquiry to the final treatment, I was treated with the utmost consideration. The options were clearly explained, and with each visit to have the procedures to improve my top teeth, Dr. Mathias explained the process. It was done with such expertise. The dental nurses who supported Dr. Mathias were also extremely capable.I am delighted with the outcome and the review appointments, would certainly recommend Verum... Thank you.”

In another review, Rachel C. says that she experienced, “A very high standard of dental care, felt pleased with all aspects of treatment being discussed as the process went along and none of it was too much trouble. Both hygienists were very helpful too. During the two long appointments, I always felt at ease, never felt any injections, care so precise. Appointments were always on time, which was great. Also, the option to have evening appointments was ideal." She concludes her review by writing, "Definitely recommend it if I know anyone that needs this doing with Dr Mathias. Great. Thank you."

Those who want to learn more about Verum Dental Implants and their services are welcome to visit the dental clinic's website at the following link:

The staff at Verum Dental Implants encourage interested parties to get in touch with Dr. Chetan Mathias via email or phone or even by starting a virtual consultation to receive further details on their treatment options.


For more information about Verum Dental Implants, contact the company here:

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