Cooling Website Provides Information To Help Pet Owners Keep Their Dogs Cool

Over the past several weeks,, a site dedicated to topics on cooling and cooling products, has been releasing blog posts on how to cool their pets, specifically dogs. The page details how dogs can overheat and how it may manifest as a number of symptoms. “Dogs can feel the heat just as much as humans can. Owners may make the mistake of thinking that their dog’s panting is normal, sometimes even cute, but excessive panting may be a dangerous precedent to a more serious problem owner’s dogs may experience now that the summer months approach. The best way to avoid dogs from overheating is to lower their body temperature. Owners can even use a cooling towel to cool down their dog if they don’t have any other way to cool them down,” said Deb Wise, one of the site’s founders and senior content manager.

Cooingtowels also recommended that owners invest in a dog pool to help their pets cool down. They wrote that it doesn’t have to be an actual pool. Owners can do this in any container big enough for their dog to get into, they can even do this in their kitchen sink if space is an issue. Just fill the container up with some cold tap water and watch as their dogs practically jump in. This method is really versatile and can even serve as a playdate for owners and their dogs. They can even wash their dog in the water, serving as an impromptu “wash and play” session for owners and their dogs. This may have the added benefit of slowly removing the apprehension of their dog to the water. It’s a well-known fact that some dogs just don’t like water. However, if they’re already struggling with heat then they might have that extra incentive in order to get into the water.

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The site owners further went on record stating “Dogs, too, like people enjoy a cold treat once in a while. A great tip for cooling down owner’s dogs is to make them some icy treats like popsicles or a frozen salt lick. From the experience of site representatives that have dogs, they’ve found that dogs love even just a standard fruit popsicle. Just make sure to check the ingredient list so that none of what’s in the popsicle is toxic to the dog.

“If owners want, they can also make their own popsicle flavors for their dog. One of the site’s content writer’s personal favorite custom popsicle treat for their dogs is to just blend up or juice a large carrot, dilute it to about a liter of total liquid, add a pinch of sugar and freeze it in an ice cube tray. Whenever their pooch looks like they could use a pick-me-up, He just lets them chomp on one or two every now and again.” Also, this method can prove to be a useful way of introducing some extra nutrition into a dog’s diet. If owners are making their dogs take regular medication, frozen treats are a perfect way to fool their dog. If it’s a water-based treatment, just add their daily recommended intake to their frozen treats and if they’re solid (such as pills), then it would be a good idea to crush them and add them to the dog’s frozen treats.

Finally, the site tells its readers that they can put their dog in front of a fan to help them cool down. Owners would be surprised by how much this method can help cool them down. When in doubt, open a fan.

Additionally, owners can place a tray of ice cubes or a frozen water bottle in front of the fan to further increase the cooling capacity of the fan so their dogs stay comfortable.


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