Cooling Towel Site Releases Safety-Related Blog Posts To Help People This Summer, a digital site dedicated to anything and everything about staying cool, has recently released a series of blogs dedicated to helping people remain cool in the summer with a bevy of blog posts discussing tips, advice, and general knowledge about the dangers of the heat and how people can steer clear from its deadly effects.

One of these articles relates specifically to working on construction sites. The team recently saw an uptrend in the number of questions they received recently when it comes to matters of cooling on the job. Construction is a job that never slows down, even when the temperatures are soaring so the team knew that they needed to address it.

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With the recent trend of heat waves during these fall seasons becoming more and more common, it seems like summer has gotten a bit of an upgrade. Instead of the bulk of the heat waves happening between the months of July to August, a majority of the heatwaves this year has happened relatively late in the season, with one actively happening right now.

In the recent article, located here the company highlighted that working in a construction site is one of the most dangerous jobs to have right now. They do not recommend that people with delicate dispositions, sensitivity towards heat, and respiratory problems who want to start working in construction should look towards other industries for work. “Working construction is definitely not for the faint of heart,” according to one company representative.

The team behind the site also shared their views on using cooling accessories such as cooling towels and cooling neck wraps stating, “Don’t underestimate the power of a good quality cooling towel or vest.These can really help people stay cool under the heat of the sun.”

The site also looked at the science behind the concept of cooling and all the related scientific concepts that these cooling accessories are based on. They went on record saying, “Cooling towels and vests work by a principle called evaporative cooling, a process where heat energy is taken away from the surface of a person's skin by the evaporation of a liquid, water in this case. Just soak the towel or vest in some nice, cool tap water, wring it out and for vests, obviously people wear them, but for towels, the best advice the company heard was people should wrap it around the back of their neck as this is one of the spots on people’s body that is particularly sensitive to overheating.” It’s clear that cooling requires a lot of factors to be considered for it to be considered effective.

“While working in a construction site, wiping a person’s face and letting the towel sit there for a few seconds can really reinvigorate and refresh even the most heat-exhausted of individuals. The company also reiterates that users have to make sure that their cooling towel is active before they use it, however.” As many of the users who complain about their cooling products not working simply do not follow the instructions before they use them.

“If one remembers the things that they have read in the article, then there’s no doubt many people will stay safe and thriving during these hard times,” says another company representative.

The team behind the site hopes that by the release of their blog posts, users will be safer than ever during these summer months. The team said that they also encourage users to ask questions and engage them by leaving comments on their website.


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