Contractors State License Center, One of the Contractors State License Schools in Los Angeles, Offers Free Tutoring to Students

Contractors State License Center, one of the contractors state license schools in Los Angeles, has revealed that they are the only one offering free tutoring to their students. They have more than 20 years of experience as a contractor state license school and in that time, they have helped many contractors from various parts of the country get their California contractors license. They offer a classroom curriculum because research has shown that contractors tend to have a higher passing rate when they studied in a classroom.

Eric Jacobs, an instructor at the Contractors State License Center, says, “In order to help you pass this exam, we have implemented an effective and comprehensive California contractors school, specifically designed to help you pass the test the first time. We offer a detailed curriculum in a classroom setting that is designed for your success. Our program that has been created over 20 years has helped thousands of our students get their California contractors license. We also provide free tutoring to our students.”

Those who want to work as contractors in California will need to pass the exam that is administered by the Contractors State License Board. This test is difficult and most people require some help in studying for the exam in order to pass. The classroom curriculum offered by the Contractors State License Center includes six courses about Law and Trade. The class has been made flexible so that students may be able to come to class once a week in a two-hour block. After finishing six weeks of classes, students will then practice by taking practice exams.

Meanwhile, because not everyone will be able to come to class, they have also developed a contractors home study program. The books, study guides, and practice exams provided by the Contractors State License Center have been designed to help the students adequately prepare for the California contractor license exam. However, as much as possible, they recommend that people take advantage of learning in a classroom environment as this has been shown to be more effective and to increase the chances of a person in passing the exam when taking it for the first time.

The California contractor license exam is composed of two separate tests. All of those who qualify must pass the standard Law and Business exam. Those who pass must also take a second test that covers the specific trade or certification area that they are interested in, except for the C-61 Limited Specialty Classification, which requires no trade exam.

The tests are in multiple-choice format. The law test is made up of about 125 questions, and the trade tests vary in length depending on the classification. On average, there are approximately 80 to 125 questions on trade. For the law test, 73 percent of the questions have to be answered correctly.

The exam sites are in the cities of San Bernardino, Oxnard, San Diego, Oakland, Sacramento, Norwalk, and Fresno. However, to make the test procedures more convenient for applicants, testing centers have also been established in various locations throughout the state. Through zip codes, applicants are assigned to a testing center that is closest to their business address.

Contractors State License Center guarantees that a student will pass the test because they are focused specifically on the exam and the techniques and information required to help the students pass the first time. The study materials they provide the students have been organized in an easy to understand format that simplifies the study process. While the test questions are changed frequently, they have a full-time contractor on their staff who is regularly conducts research on the test requirements. Through the classes and the interactive practice exams, students are able to learn exactly what they need to know to pass the test and obtain their license.

Those who are interested in passing the California contractor license exam may want to check out the Contractors State License Center website, or contact them through the phone or via email.


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