Contractors State License Center Is Offering Zoom Classes For Contractor License Applicants In LA

Contractors State License Center is now offering online Zoom classes for Contractors License in Los Angeles.

The California Contractor License Exam consists of two separate tests. The first test, the Law and Business examination, consists of questions related to business management and construction law. It includes sections such as project management, licensing, bookkeeping, bid procedures, safety, contracts, liens, dispute resolution, employee issues, insurance, and special circumstances. The second test, the Trade examination, covers information about codes, safety, and other questions that are specific to the contractor’s chosen trade. It includes questions that refer to accompanying blueprints and/or booklets containing drawings.

Contractors State License Center in Burbank offers an in-school program that consists of six classes conducted by licensed and certified instructors that cover both topics. Students are required to attend a class for two hours every week, for six weeks. The center’s flexible scheduling (evening and weekend classes) and class format allow students to attend classes on different days from week to week. Once the student attends all the allotted classes, they can use the provided practice exams and study materials indefinitely to prepare for the final test. Students can also repeat a class if they miss any the first time or just want to take it again. The training center also offers a home study program which gives students all the carefully crafted study materials to learn from wherever they choose. Contractors State License Center also has a full-time contractor on staff who continually researches the test requirements and updates its study materials.

A spokesperson for Contractors State License Center talks about one of the problems that students who opted for the home study program were facing by saying, “Some of the students that we train are already busy running a successful local business or have gainful employment with an established contracting company. They have demonstrated considerable skill in their chosen trade for a long time and just need some additional help to move their career to the next level. Juggling a full-time job with the demands of a rigorous course can be very challenging. That is why we offer them training materials that they can take home and study on their own time. However, despite the comprehensive nature of the training materials, we realize that it can be a little difficult to process all the information without the guidance that is available in a classroom setting.”

The online Zoom classes, which the Burbank training center for contractors began offering in 2020 during the shutdowns, offer the same advantages as the in-person classes with the added benefits of safety as well as convenient remote access. Today, the training center’s Zoom classes are just as sought after as its in-person classes as they give students a way to take control of their schedule and pick the location where they want to attend the classes from.

The spokesperson then talks about how its Zoom classes help students by saying, “With the rise of remote instruction during the pandemic, we identified an opportunity to improve the quality of our education for the students who still need occasional assistance understanding the home study material. By offering Zoom classes, we believe we are giving our students the most convenient way to get started with our courses and prepare for the California Contractors License Exam. You can save time as you don’t have to commute to our center after a busy workday. Though our in-person classes are conducted in sanitized classrooms with secure cubicles, if you are still worried about the pandemic, the Zoom classes give you the full experience of the program, even from home. So, head over to our website to find out more about our Contractors License classes in Los Angeles and start preparing for the exam that will help you achieve your long-term career goals.”

Contractors State License Center can be contacted at (800) 562-0008 or from Monday to Friday for inquiries about its online classes or to book an appointment.


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