Contractors License School In Los Angeles Now Offering Exam Preparation Services

Contractors State License Center, a contractor school based in Burbank, California, is reaching out to share that they are providing exam preparation services. The Contractors State License Center has been a contractor school for more than 20 years and guided many to their success in the California Contractor License Exam.

Eric Jacobs from Contractors State License Center says, “If you have completed your contractor school course in California, you are probably looking to pass the California Contractors License Exam in order to get a job in the work field. We have helped many contractors all over the county get their California Contractors License. We have vast experience in the industry and have done extensive research to develop an effective and comprehensive curriculum which is specifically designed to help you pass your test the first time, without any necessity for resits.”

The contractors license school in Los Angeles offers a comprehensive course consisting of six classes that cover Law and Trade. The course is structured so students only have to come to class once a week for two hours, with convenient evening and weekend class times. The school also offers flexible scheduling and classroom format, allowing students to come on different days from week to week. Over six weeks’ of classes, students will learn all they need to learn before working on practice exams and study materials prepared by the Contractors State License Center. Students can prepare as much as they need for their final preparation before they sit for the test. If anyone misses a class or simply wants to retake it, they can do so very easily.

Contractors State License Center also offers a home study program where students can purchase the necessary books, study guides and practice exams to prepare for their test by studying the material at home. However, unless they live too far away or have similar issues, the school highly recommends that students actually enroll and attend classes to maximize their chances of passing the test the first time. Learn more at the following link: Exam Preparation For Contractors In California.

Jacobs says, “In our experience doing this for two decades now, we have seen that it is much harder for most people to study effectively at home than it is to learn in a classroom environment. Not only are there too many possible distractions, the home environment is just not conducive to learning and retaining the material, and you have nobody to ask questions or clarify what you are trying to study. However, no matter what option you choose, we are confident that our materials can help you succeed.”

The school’s preparation course is focused entirely on the exam as well as the information and techniques needed to help the students pass the first time. In fact, they guarantee a first time pass and will refund the fees otherwise. Through Contractors State License Center’s classes and their range of interactive practice tests, students will be able to learn exactly what they need to know to ensure that they pass their exams.

Contractors State License Center also sets itself apart from their competitors by actually providing classes instead of study halls. Students studying at Contractors State License Center will receive classroom lectures and instruction from a certified instructor/licensed contractor who will explain and simplify the material for them as well as answer any and all questions they may have. On top of that, the school also provides easy reading guides for construction law and business, trade, math, practice exams, videos, audio tapes and CDs. They also have a full time contractor on staff who is continually researching the test requirements and ensuring that all of the school’s materials are up to date. This means that Contractors State License Center’s study guides and practical exams are all guaranteed to be as close to the actual exam materials as possible.

Those who wish to learn more about Contractors State License Center and the various services they provide can find more information on the learning center’s website. Additionally, the school encourages interested parties to get in touch with Eric Jacobs directly via email or phone. They may also use the contact form on the website to contact the center’s support team. Contractors State License Center also maintains a presence on Facebook where they frequently post updates, share blog posts and stay in touch with their students.


For more information about Contractors State License Center, contact the company here:

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