Contractors License Classes Now Available in Los Angeles

Contractors State License Center, a contractor school based in Burbank, CA, is happy to announce that contractors license classes in Los Angeles are now available. They stand out among the other contractor schools in Los Angeles because they provide free tutoring to their students. They want to point out that this California contractors school has the goal of helping the students pass the contractors licensing exam the first time. They offer a detailed curriculum in a classroom setting that has been designed to assist the student pass the test.

Eric Jacobs, an instructor at the Contractors State License Center, says, “We have more than 20 years of experience as a contractor state license school and in that time, we have helped many contractors from various parts of the country get their California contractors license. We provide a classroom curriculum because research has shown that contractors tend to have a higher passing rate when they studied in a classroom.”

Eric adds, “However, we also realized that not everyone has the ability to come to class to study for the California contractor license exam, so we have also a contractors home study program. Our books, practice exams and study guides will help you adequately prepare for the test. But is possible, we recommend that you take advantage of our classroom environment.”

Those who plan to serve as contractors in the state of California have to pass a test administered by the Contractors State License Board. Experience has shown that this exam is really difficult, which is why most people need to study for the exam and they require some help with studying the various topics to be included in the test.

The classroom curriculum offered by the Contractors State License Center has six courses about Law and Trade. Attending the classes is flexible so that students can choose to come to class only once a week in a two-hour block. After completing six weeks of classes, the students will then take practice exams.

The California contractor license exam is made up of two distinct tests. One is the standard Law and Business exam, which they have to pass if they want to qualify. Those who pass the Law and Business exam must also take a second test that is focused on the specific trade or certification area that they are interested in. This does not include the C-61 Limited Specialty Classification, which has no requirement for a trade exam. The exams are in multiple-choice format, with the law test composed of about 125 questions, while the length of the trade test will depend on the classification. There are approximately 80 to 125 questions for the trade test, on the average. Seventy three percent of the questions have to be answered correctly to pass the law exam.

For those who are unable to attend classes, Contractors State License Center has developed a contractors home study program. The books, practice exams, and study guides for this home study program have all been designed to help the students prepare for the California contractor license exam. Nevertheless, they always advise people attend classes if possible because these have been found to be more effective and to boost the chances of a person in passing the exam for the first time.

They want to emphasize that their proven program guarantees that their students will pass the test the first time. This is because they are focused on the exam and the various techniques and information needed for the students to pass the first time.

The study materials they provide have been organized in an easy to understand format that makes the study process much simpler and easier. While the test questions in the exam are frequently changed, they have a full-time contractor on their staff who regularly conducts research on the test requirements. Students, therefore, learn exactly what is needed to pass the test through the classes and the interactive practice exams.

Those who are interested in knowing more about the contractors license school in Los Angeles can visit the Contractors State License Center website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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