Consulting Industry Blog Helps Bring Old School Marketers Into The Online World

TYs Info Ray is pleased to announce the launch of their new blog of the same name, which will explore the business consulting industry and give readers insight into its various aspects. In part, the blog’s mission is to help more individuals identify how they can learn from peers in the industry as well as make their own contributions. It eventually intends to host articles on Real Estate Marketing, Remodeling Marketing tips, Marketing Technology, Consulting hacks, and more, even going so far as to feature videos on every subject that falls under (and between) these topics.

The blog gets its name from founder Tony “Ty” Yeager, a visionary whose expertise in marketing and consulting spans a career that predates the modern internet. As an individual who kept a sharp eye on the advent of online technology and trends from a time that far preceded the implementation of social media, Yeager seeks to share his hard-earned insight with others who may be looking to step into this arena and take practical steps forward with their business. As stated on the newly launched blog, he considers himself an ‘old school consultant who is able to teach the new school to other old schoolers.’ In part, he wished to help people bridge the gap between traditional sales and today’s social sales. Visit the blog here:

According to Yeager, the traditional methods of marketing included making cold calls to potential customers, hosting sales demos, sending email blasts, following up on quality leads, and so on. In today’s fast-paced social environment, however, this has evolved to working alongside existing (and sometimes emerging) social networks. On one hand, brands must do what they can to engage with their community, fostering an active customer base in order to encourage brand loyalty as well as entice new customers to try out their products or services. On the other, they also benefit from sharing their knowledge with peers in the industry and supporting other entities as this reflects well on their image (among other advantages).

Yeager adds that the goal in many cases is to encourage a sense of community between the brand and the consumer, thereby making them more comfortable with using the said brand for all their needs. In other words, the modern consumer does not want to feel like a statistic to a business, so it is in a brand’s best interest to make sure they connect with their customer base on a more personal level.

Notably, Tys Info Ray has also published their first article, ‘How to Market Your Consulting Company When You’re New,’ with many more planned for the near future. In this article, Yeager makes a strong case for why businesses would benefit from hiring a marketing consultant.

The post says, “While some business owners may think that hiring a marketing consulting firm isn’t wise or even feasible during hard times, it may be just what they need to do to save their company. Marketing consultants and marketing firms exist to help clients achieve their goals. With their strategic guidance, small business owners often find themselves defining their business goals and how they can get there for the first time ever — something you must-do if you want to achieve success.”

Yeager asserts that a marketing consultant can help a business refocus their efforts into a cohesive whole that brings their resources in line with their goals. In practice, this means that a consultant of suitable caliber can help them determine what they plan to achieve in a given period before helping them assign resources towards that end. A marketing consultant can help a business improve the efficiency of their outreach, thereby increasing sales. As such, they can play a vital role in a business’ growth.

Businesses or individuals in South Texas are welcome to reach out to Tony Yeager of TYs Info Ray for additional details. Those interested are also encouraged to visit the site regularly to read their latest articles. The blog aims to share more insight into the consulting industry in the weeks to come, with many more articles planned for the foreseeable future.


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