Construction Defect Lawyer in Manhattan Beach California Launches New Website

Norton & Associates, a law firm based in Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, CA, is pleased to announce the recent launch of their new website that emphasizes their focus on two major practice areas: construction defect litigation and real estate litigation. Attorney Timothy Norton has 35 years of experience in construction defect litigation. He has a proven record of success, having helped his clients receive jury verdict awards amounting to a total of $190 million in pursuing claims against developers, builders, and contractors.

Attorney Norton says, “Construction defects pose a significant threat to the investment value and marketability of real estate. These builders and contractors are legally responsible for their work and can be held financially accountable. You, the owner or investor have rights under the law and do not have to bear the financial burden of the cost to repair defects, remedy property damage, or loss of value or use, and can hold the builder and contractors liable.”

Attorney Norton wants people to know that the value and strength of their case is dependent on several factors. These include: the value of the property; the nature and extent of the defects; and the skill, commitment, focus, perseverance, work ethic, and ingenuity of the lawyer who is handling the case.

They will conduct a detailed assessment of the client’s claim and this will result into a number of things. First, it will allow them to determine their approach to take, including an evaluation of the defects and the applicable statutes of limitation. Second, they will be able to find out the possible scope of expert investigation that may be needed. Third, they will gain a deep understanding and insight into the documents and contracts involving the case and the property. And lastly, they will gain an understanding of the potential liability of the builder-defendants, including their financial viability and the establishment of a roadmap to recovery. And, of course, everything will be under the guidance of Attorney Norton. More about this particular practice area of the firm can be gleaned from

A defect is any failure in the design, construction, and build of any building or part of a building based on industry standards, including the building codes. These include certain parts of the structure, including: soils and grading; retaining walls and subsurface drainage; foundations and structural walls; doors, windows, and all openings; roofs; decks; patios; swimming pools; garages; paved areas; landscaping; sidewalks; plumbing; HVAC systems; electrical systems; sound & low voltage; seismic; fire; waterproofing; stucco and plastering; and all other systems and components.

Generally, a sure indication of defects are water intrusion and water leaks. Such defects are an indication of lack of quality control, poor supervision, and may also be a sign that there may be other significant defects in other parts of the building. The team at Norton & Associates will focus on determining the scope and severity of the defects.

Another primary component of the analysis to be made by the team at Norton & Associates is the financial viability of the target defendants, such as the contractor, builder, and subcontractors. This analysis is supported during the initial stage of the lawsuit by requiring the target defendants to submit copies of their insurance policies and the extent and types of their insurance coverage.

Such comprehensive analysis will form the basis for pursuing the lawsuit and in the negotiation of settlements. The pressure will be on the defendants to negotiate and settle the matter when they see that the plaintiff is really determined to take the case to court. These include the aggressive preparation for trial, an existing trial date, and the use of calculations of damages and assessments of the insurance policies. The ability of the team at Norton & Associates to push towards a successful resolution depends on their knowledge of tactics and strategies for mediation and negotiation, and their familiarity with the best mediators, timing, insurance coverage, selective settlement with lesser parties, and readiness to bring the matter to trial.

Those who are interested in learning more about the construction defect litigation services offered by Timothy Norton and his firm can check out his website at, or contact them on the telephone or through email. They are open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


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