Connecticut Man Says His Trip to Legacy Healing Center in South Florida Saved His Life

Delray Beach, FL – Most people visit South Florida for its year-round warm weather and beautiful beaches, but for Hanson M., a resident of Connecticut, his trip to Florida actually saved his life. He sought treatment at Legacy Healing Center in Delray Beach, Florida, because he knew that substance abuse had taken over his life.

Hanson recently left the behavioral health center a five-star Google review in which he said, “Legacy Healing Center treatment center saved my life in many ways that I can’t even describe. No doubt about it. Before attending their inpatient drug rehab program, I was in denial.”

Legacy Healing Center in Delray Beach Alcohol & Drug Rehab Interior Lobby

It’s not uncommon for those struggling with addiction to have a hard time accepting the reality that they have a problem. Even after a person realizes they have an issue with drugs or alcohol, the decision to seek treatment can be incredibly difficult. It’s normal to feel fear. Fear that it might not work, fear of the commitment, and fear of the painful things they may face during detox and rehabilitation treatment.

Some may feel shame that they were not able to stop using on their own. They may also feel that they’re not able to take the time out of their busy lives to go to an inpatient facility. But with more than 70,000 Americans lost to drug-involved overdoses in recent years, Legacy Healing Center wants to help make seeking professional addiction treatment in Delray Beach and across the country, a priority for those who need it.

In his review, Hanson went on to say, “They will help you with your addiction and ways to diagnose the root cause of addiction and your triggers. The staff and the counselors where I was attending in Delray Beach, changed my whole outlook on life.”

Legacy Healing Center’s holistic approach seeks to address underlying issues to help their clients achieve a better life they had ever dreamed possible. Their mission is to lay the foundation for anyone who enters their community. Using an individualized client-centered approach, they’re able to achieve long-term health and healing by treating the core issues that have led someone down the road to addiction.

Legacy Healing Center offers multiple levels of care and the right level is determined by a set of medical, psychiatric, and social assessments customized to each client. The levels of care provided range from inpatient, Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), to an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for those who have already had a form of inpatient treatment, and also a full Outpatient Program to ensure long-term success. Legacy Healing Center’s facilities are designed to make treatment at any level feel like home and they aim to find the ideal level of care for every client.

Legacy Healing Center spares no expense in creating a space for patients to feel completely comfortable so they can focus solely on healing. From their detox facility in Pompano Beach to the residential facility in Margate, to their newest location in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, patients can enjoy beautiful amenities like on-site chef-prepared meals, comfortable rooms, gorgeous outdoor areas, a relaxing pool, and much more. Part of Legacy Healing Center’s holistic approach includes fresh-pressed juices and a focus on physical fitness.

For patients like Hanson, high-quality, holistic addiction treatment can be the help they didn’t even know they needed. Without professional, caring treatment, drug and alcohol addiction will continue to progress. However, with the help of Legacy Healing Center, many addicts have taken back control and achieved a happier healthier life of long-term sobriety.

For anyone struggling with addiction, taking a break in a healing environment where one can focus on themselves may be just what is needed to transform one's life and achieve an ideal life. Call Legacy Healing Center anytime 24/7 at (888) 534-2295 or go to


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