Connecticut Man Initially Resistant to Addiction Treatment Thanks Legacy Healing Center for Saving His Life

Cherry Hill, NJ - Legacy Healing Center in Delray Beach, FL provides quality addiction treatment that can help a person overcome drug or alcohol addiction even when they don't initially think they have a problem. A recent client named Hanson turned over a new page in his life as the addiction treatment center helped him to overcome his struggles with addiction even though he was not entirely open to treatment to begin with. Denial is one of the many characteristics of addiction that may impede the process of getting professional help, but it doesn’t always prevent the profound changes that lead to lasting sobriety.

In the battle against addiction, it’s important to remember that addiction is a disease, not a choice. A study that focused on the characteristics of drug-dependent people by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) confirmed that denial is one of the common characteristics of addiction – something that Hanson experienced first-hand.

In a recent 5-star Google review Hanson said, “before attending their inpatient drug rehab program, I was in denial.” It’s a sentiment that many people struggling with substance use disorder share. But Hanson soon discovered that his denial didn’t prevent him from benefiting from the wealth of quality addiction treatment programs that Legacy Healing Center provided him.

The Principles of Effective Treatment – a research-based guide to treatment by NIDA – reinforces the fact that treatment is still effective even if it isn’t voluntary. The truth is that enticement by family, such as through an intervention where boundaries are set and enforced, can help to improve entry into addiction treatment programs, retention in the program, and the success of treatment.

In his review, Hanson said, “the staff and the counselors where I was attending in Delray Beach changed my whole outlook on life.” Even though he was resistant to addiction treatment at first, after going through medical detox, behavioral therapy, and Legacy Healing Center’s holistic approach to recovery, Hanson was able to break free from the hold that addiction had on him.

Hanson realized that his denial was just a part of the mental health disorder and that his ability to positively change - thanks to the help he received at the addiction treatment center – came from the power of accepting the truth.

Hanson’s recovery journey led him to seek an out-of-state addiction treatment center. He left his family and home in Connecticut to embrace his transformation in South Florida at Legacy Healing Center. For Hanson and many others, traveling out of state for treatment provides an opportunity to take a break, remove negative influences, and focus completely on recovery. A change of environment can become a catalyst to positive, lasting change.

Legacy Healing Center’s new Cherry Hill, New Jersey location serves clients in the northeast who prefer to stay closer to home. Many clients choose to travel out of state to begin their treatment with detox and inpatient rehab then transition to outpatient care for ongoing support closer to home. Legacy’s Cherry Hill location makes this continuation of care easier for clients in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and other northeastern states.

Denial may be a common characteristic of substance use disorder, but it doesn’t have to prevent overcoming it. In Hanson’s words, “Legacy Healing Center saved my life in many ways that I can’t even describe. No doubt about it.” To learn more about Legacy Healing Center call (888) 534-2295 or visit


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