Comprehensive Tree Service Available In Jacksonville, NC

NC based Godhans is offering the Jacksonville community a number of tree care and landscaping services that are designed to keep their trees healthy and the environment clean. Customers may request tree trimming and pruning, tree removal, stump removal, stump grinding and much more. Godhans is a full-service tree care company that can handle virtually every aspect of their customers’ tree needs. See more here:

Jacksonville trees are treasured by local homeowners and businesses for a variety of reasons. To begin with, they enhance the beauty of any property, making it more attractive for people to spend time outdoors and even contributing to the value of the home in question. Further, trees are respected for their ability to passively cool an area, especially if their branches are wide enough to provide a lot of shade. This is true for both homes as well as open spaces, and Jacksonville residents will want as much tree cover as possible given that summer is only a few months away.


While trees may appear to need little to no human intervention, however, the company explains that a number of issues may arise that require a professional’s attention. For instance, trees that grow near buildings may prove to be a threat to their roofs when the branches grow too much to support their own weight (often due to disease or external damage). This weight also means that removing the branch can be a dangerous process, which is why the company recommended that homeowners avoid trying to address the problem on their own. A tree pruning service can ensure any offending branches are removed with minimal risk to nearby people and property.

The same is true for tree removal. Trees can cause catastrophic destruction when they topple, so a team of experienced arborists is required to ensure the safety of everyone and everything in the vicinity. As a tree service in Jacksonville NC with years of localized experience, Godhans is the right choice for every homeowner in this situation.

K. Lenker shares effusive praise about the company’s services in their 5-Star Google review, which is indicative of the positive comments shared by many other customers. The review says, “Awesome people, they did the job in record time. They cleaned up and there's no mess left behind! Very fairly priced. One time, I loved the fact that they were punctual! Stayed in touch and got the job done right down to the last leaf! If I ever have to do it again, these are the people I would recommend!”

J. Hernandez also says, “The owner was extremely professional. He was super easy to get a hold of and responded quickly to any questions I had. He came out to my yard full of trees and checked all of them for what condition they were in and gave me a fair quote for the two trees that needed to come down and hauled away. It was also not going to be easy to get the equipment in my backyard due to my fence, but he took the job anyway and helped me bring down part of my fence to get it done. I was actually out of town when it was done, and they cleaned up so well that I honestly would not have noticed right away that any work was done at all. I highly recommend this company and will be using them in the future if the need arises.”

Godhans explains that trust and transparency are vital components in the services they provide and how they interact with customers at every stage. Given that many who approach the company for help are homeowners who let their team onto their personal property, often around their loved ones, pets and valuables, the company understands that professional conduct is of utmost importance at all times. In addition to providing an effective tree care service, the company can be expected to respect each customer’s boundaries. Their team has undergone customer service training to ensure this, and homeowners are welcome to raise any concerns with the team ahead of (or during) a scheduled visit if they so desire.

Micheal Godbersen of Godhans can be reached for further details. Customers are welcome to contact the company today to schedule their next tree service at a convenient time. They may also connect with the company here:


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