Comprehensive Garage Door Spring Repair Guide Published by Tucson's Discount Door Service

Discount Door Service, a garage door repair company in Tucson, has published an informative article outlining many of the different factors to take into consideration when one needs a new garage door spring. The article is a great introduction for homeowners who are unaware of general costs when it comes to garage door repairs.

Garage door spring replacement is the most commonly needed garage door repair in Tucson. But for individual homeowners, it may happen so infrequently that they have no idea what to expect to pay, and may think about trying to do it themselves. Their first instinct might even be to visit a website like Amazon to buy a new garage door spring for themselves. The article warns against acting on this impulse and instead, taking the time to understand the problem and looking to experts for a solution.

Garage Door Spring Repair by Discount Door Service in Tucson, AZ

The first thing to verify is that the garage door springs are actually broken as there are plenty of other issues that might manifest in the form of an unresponsive garage door. A garage door is pulled open by torsion springs and pushed closed by gravity. A broken torsion spring would lack the strength required to move a garage door up and down. In some cases, minor adjustments to the spring are enough to solve the problem without completely replacing it.

After the problem has been diagnosed as being caused by a broken garage door spring, it is up to the owner to identify the kind of spring that is being used in their garage door system. There are several types and they will dictate the overall costs of repairs. The most common type of garage door springs is a torsion spring. There are also extension springs and TorqueMaster (internal spring systems) springs. If the homeowner does not want to concern themselves with the technicalities of garage door springs, they can always entrust the repairs to a professional.

After the type of spring has been identified, the homeowner has to decide whether they want to attempt the repair themselves or whether they want to place the responsibility in the hands of a professional who is experienced in solving the specific problem that they are facing. The article reminds the reader that there can be several other problems such as frayed garage door cables or worn-out center bearings or broken rollers that need to be inspected too for an overall health assessment of the garage door. A novice would most likely skip those parts leading to serious problems further down the road. An expert technician would most likely catch those problems in their diagnosis and recommend solutions before they become a major issue.

The article then discusses what makes a balanced door spring. It says that a balanced garage door should be easy to manually open and close as all the heavy lifting is done by the spring. Then it describes the different kinds of springs that are available to buyers and the role each of them plays in the functioning of a garage door.

Finally, the article gets to the meat of the issue and discusses the costs that one can expect to bear if they want to replace the spring on the garage door. According to national figures compiled by trade organizations, the average cost of a torsion spring replacement is about $250 and can vary from anywhere between $150 to $350. The article also asks the reader to be aware of extra charges such as fuel surcharges and disposal fees for old springs that can be tacked on by unscrupulous repair companies at the end of the bill.

A spokesperson for Discount Door Service summarizes the article by saying, “Garage door repairs come up infrequently but when they do, they can cause a real headache until things get fixed correctly. If you are going to spend the money to fix the problem once and for all make sure to hand it over to a professional who knows exactly what they are doing. It will save you time and money in the long run. Call Discount Door Service today to find out why we are best in the business and how we can help you fix your garage door problem for good.”


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