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Pet owners all over the world always seek a way to dispose their dog or cat’s poop in a convenient yet environmentally responsible way. Hong Kong-based Pogi's Pet Supplies has come up with a very satisfactory answer to this problem with a fabulous product that’s available on Amazon, called Pogi's plant-based poop bags. The highlight is that these bags are fully compostable. This has led this product to be named one of Amazon’s highest rated pet poop disposal solutions. For more information visit:

A company spokesperson for Pogi's Pet Supplies said, “For years now, dog owners have carried single-use plastic bags to pick up the mess when their dogs take a poop while walking them. Although these heavy-duty plastic bags solved one problem, they inadvertently created another - a massive amount of poop disposal bags that would take generations to break down when buried in a landfill. Our poop bags are fully compostable and offer the best of both worlds for dog owners who need an environmentally friendly way to dispose of dog and cat waste in the home.”

Dog Poop Bags With Handles

Pogi's plant-based poop bags are not only made of plant-based material that can be conveniently composted, they are also large enough to accommodate the poop cleaning needs of even the biggest dog breeds. They measure a generous 9” wide and 13.5” in height and come with handles. It also helps that they are leak-proof and can be purchased in a variety of different sizes. Another plus is Pogi’s pet poop bags are ASTM D6400 certified, which means the bags will compost satisfactorily in both municipal and industrial aerobic type composting facilities.

A majority of customers are extremely satisfied with the product. This has led to Pogi's dog poop bags with handles being rated a 4.7 (out of a possible 5) on Amazon’s website after over 1,000 reviews. One reviewer, Jae, says: “The thought of all that plastic waste just to throw away my dog's poop seemed daunting, so I was glad to find a compostable dog waste bag. It's big and we have a 5lb puppy, so we just tie the poop bag, cut it, then tie the other end and use the other half of the bag. It feels thinner than non-compostable poop bags, but it doesn't leak, and the seams don't rip. They also seem to be easier to open than the regular plastic bags, which is a huge plus!” Verified purchaser IPaDDict stated: “I think this is our third round purchasing these poop bags. We’re really happy with them. Never had them tear or anything. Easy to pull apart at the perforation. Very easy to open (so many aren’t in my experience). Love that they are compostable. Will continue to use and purchase.”

Highlighted often in the reviews of the company’s poop bags is how simple they are to open and use. Even those with some physical challenges attest to the fact that Pogi's poop bags are easy to open and use. User Anncat proclaims in their 5-star review: “The poop bags have a wide opening to put the poop inside easily, can be tied up with a knot, and thrown away into the green rubbish box. I’ve been using the poop bags for over 2 years, and they are very convenient for me as I’m disabled and need help with disposing my cat’s waste. I therefore can highly recommend Pogi’s compostable poop bags.”

The company has come up with several other products that make using their pet waste disposal bags even more convenient. This includes their poop bag dispenser, puppy training pads, and Pogi's pet grooming wipes. Those interested in learning more about these environmentally friendly pet poop bags from Pogi’s can do so by referring to the company’s Amazon store:


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