Compare A Quote Publishes Blog Post On How To Purchase Condo Insurance In Texas

Florida insurance services provider, Compare A Quote, has published a blog post that discusses the importance of condo insurance and offers some tips on how to buy it without paying more than one needs to. Readers can find out more about the different kinds of coverage that are generally offered by condo insurance by heading over to Compare A Quote’s website at the link:

According to the 2021 Texas Condominium Sales Report published by Texas Realtors, the number of condominiums sold across the state increased 41% to 17,152 sales. The report analyzed condominium and townhome sales data from July 2020 through June 2021 for the Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, El Paso, Houston, McAllen, and San Antonio Metropolitan Statistical Areas. In terms of unit costs, statewide, the median condominium sales price in June 2021 was $240,000, a 24% increase over June 2020. The trend is likely to continue in 2022 as the property market all over the country is seeing a resurgence following the lull during the pandemic.

Those who are considering buying a condo or are currently in the process of acquiring one, need to acquaint themselves with Texas HO-6 insurance, the insurance term for this kind of property. Condo insurance or HO-6 policy intends to protect condominium units. Although the building itself has insurance, it is just for the common areas of the building such as hallways, elevators, pool, or exercise room. However, the actual living space in the homeowner’s condo unit also needs to be insured in case of damage. The master policy of the condo can help a homeowner choose the coverage of their HO-6 insurance policy. Master policies cover bare walls coverage, single entity coverage, and all-in coverage. Homeowners need to correspond with their association to find out more about these policies. It can help them get a better idea of what HO-6 insurance policy is ideal for them to purchase.

A spokesperson for the company talks about the importance of buying the right condo insurance policy in Texas by saying, “The law does not mandate Texans to have condo HO-6 insurance, but having it is a good idea. It can protect your personal property if a fire or burglary happens. Condo insurance will be the saving grace in case you happen to get unlucky and are the victim of an unpredictable accident or some malicious actors. If you are still unsure about whether condo insurance is right for you, contact our qualified and helpful insurance agents today at the phone number (646) 423-2772 or the email address We will talk you through your budget and coverage needs and help you find the best condo insurance that can offer you peace of mind without breaking the bank. You can also follow us on Facebook at the link: to stay updated with the services that we offer.”

The Condo Association or Home Owners Association (HOA) will pay for and cover the cost of a master policy. Each unit owner will pay their share of the master policy through a monthly “common” or maintenance fee. Condo insurance covers the homeowner’s personal belongings like clothing, electronics, appliances, carpets, and furniture in case of fire or theft. Valuable items like jewelry and artwork are limited to a specific value, but the individual condo owner can add extra coverage. These two policies work together to provide complete coverage. For example, the homeowner’s policy is responsible for the bathroom fixtures, but the master policy will be responsible for the main plumbing line to the bathroom.

The blog post then recommends a few steps to ensure that one is getting the best condo policy for their needs. Firstly, one should ask the condo association for a copy of the master policies. Knowing these coverages will determine what kind of condo policy one should choose. Second, it is necessary to do a home inventory. It can help the homeowner know how much coverage they need. The insurance provider may also ask for documentation when the claim is made. So, it is a good idea to take photos of the items and to forward them to the insurance agent. Lastly, one should compare company insurance rates. Texas condo insurance is fair and reasonable as mandated by state law. However, providers can have different standards in offering policies. Some factors that can affect the amount one pays for insurance include the unit’s age and condition, the unit’s replacement cost, its location, the homeowner’s claims history, their credit score, and available fire stations.

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