Compare A Quote Publishes Article Discussing How To Purchase Renters Insurance In Texas

“Compare A Quote”, a Florida-based company that provides consultation services for vehicle, property, commercial, and personal insurance services, has published a blog post on its website titled “How to Purchase Renters Insurance in Texas.” The article is aimed at helping renters from the Lone Star State make a good purchasing decision when they buy renters insurance. Readers who want to find out more about how Compare A Quote can fulfill their insurance needs can head over to its website at the link:

According to statistics from the Texas Apartment Association, one in five Texans, or around 6 million people, rent their homes. Though renters aren’t on the hook for homeowners insurance, they still need the protection afforded by some kind of insurance policy to protect their belongings in case of events such as burglary, fire, natural disasters, or other catastrophes. The blog post from Compare A Quote highlights a report from Brooklyn-based nonprofit First Street to stress its point. The report compiled a flood database and found that 14.6 million properties are at immediate risk of flooding nationally. This figure is 6 million more than the federal government previously calculated and, by the year 2050, it is projected to top 16 million.

A spokesperson for Compare A Quote expands on the idea of risk to property and personal belongings expressed in the blog post by saying, “Hurricane Harvey, which made landfall in 2017, caused an estimate $125 billion in damages, making it the second-costliest hurricane in U.S. history when adjusting for inflation and the costliest hurricane in Texas history. Landlords or property owners typically cover the cost of homeowner’s insurance that covers damage to the physical property. However, when renters move in with their possessions and disaster strikes, the landlords are not liable because homeowner insurance does not cover personal items that belong to renters. This is why property owners typically recommend or require tenants to buy renters insurance in Texas. Its policies cover the cost of stolen, destroyed, or damaged belongings. So, if you are renting, it is highly recommended to protect your belongings from being at the mercy of acts of God that are unpredictable by their very nature. If you want to find out more about what renters insurance can do for you, visit our website at the link to read more.”

The blog post from Compare A Quote goes on to say that, on average, a renter can expect to pay anywhere from $15 to $25 per month when buying insurance in Texas. The first step in getting insured should be to establish how much insurance one needs. The landlord or property manager will most likely have that information. Personal liability coverage of $100,000 is typically required, although property owners can require higher coverage. Calculating the value of one’s assets ahead of time helps one know what their coverage needs are. It is also recommended to consider whether one wishes to have a high or low deductible. Some renters may also qualify for discounts. Bundling multiple policies, installing smoke detectors, and utilizing home security devices can help renters lower their monthly premiums.

Renters who are put off by the time-consuming effort of finding the perfect insurance policy when there is no guarantee that one will find the best one for their needs can turn to Compare A Quote which makes the process as easy as possible. Readers can select “Get a Quote” on its website, fill out some basic information, and the company’s insurance professionals will guide them through the rest of the process. Its unique services, that scour the insurance industry’s offerings, allow customers to find the best deal that fits their needs.

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