Compare A Quote Offers Advice on How to Purchase Condo Insurance in Arizona

CompareAquote Corp, a company based in Pompano Beach, FL, has released a guide on how to purchase condo insurance in Arizona. Finding the best affordable condo insurance in Arizona is important for protection against fires and other accidents, and also theft. Unfortunately, not all insurance policies are equal. For instance, some insurance companies will do everything possible in order to avoid a payout. Furthermore, some condo insurance policies don’t provide coverage for everything. To get more information about condo insurance, people can visit

It is important to note that condo insurance provides coverage that protects the insured against losses and repair costs for a condominium. Thus, it should cover fire damage, theft, water damage, vandalism, and the like. Condos have unique insurance requirements but they are a good alternative to owning a single-family home or renting an apartment.

For those who have acquired their condo using home financing, the financing institution requires an HO-6 policy. Every condo or homeowners association will also have certain required stipulations and coverages in their by-laws. And even if the condo has been paid in full and there are no mandated insurance coverage, it is still advisable to purchase full condo insurance coverage because the condo is likely to be the owner’s largest and most valuable asset and this has to be protected. It is essential to note that the condo corporation or society provides insurance that covers the common areas and the main structure. However, items inside the unit are not covered, including one’s belongings. Things such as loss assessment, unit improvement, and one’s building coverage are unlikely to be covered in the building insurance that is offered by the condo insurance. Condo insurance will be needed to protect the belongings inside and other renovations.

There are four primary types of coverages in condo insurance. These are: building property coverage; personal property coverage; liability coverage; and loss of use coverage. Loss assessment coverage may also be included. It is important to ready the condo association master policy because it might cover some of these areas. Those who would like to learn more about Compare A Quote and check out their Facebook page at

Building property coverage offers protection from damage to the interior of the condo unit from fire or wind damage. This covers damages to the wall, floor, cabinets, tiles, and other permanent fixtures. Liability coverage offers bodily injury or property damage to the policyholder and family if held legally responsible. Loss of use coverage is for the situation when the condo has become uninhabitable because of a flood or fire, or any other covered event. The insurance company will pay for the policyholder’s stay in a hotel or a long term share within the permissible limit of the policy.

Meanwhile, there are some negative aspects of being part of the condo association. If there is an injury or another event such as a falling tree, the condo association will need to bear the expenses, and all owners in the condominium will all be equal participants. In this case, loss assessment coverage will take care of the policyholder’s share in the liabilities up to the policy limit.

Founded in 2017 by James Ortega, CompareAquote Corp helps people find quotes for their insurance requirements. The company was established because it required so much work to find homeowners, auto, business insurance and more. Thus, the Compare A Quote website was established to have an insurance website that has been tailored to favor customers rather the insurance companies. Using the site to get an insurance quote only requires three simple steps. The first step is to enter one’s zip code. The second step is to complete the form, which can be done in 10 minutes. After the form is completed, one can receive up to 10 quotes, which can be compared and one can choose the most suitable plan for one’s needs. The third step is to download the policy and it is possible to consult with the CompareAquote Corp staff who can speak English, Tagalog, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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