Company that Wants to Buy from People Selling Fire Damaged Houses Launches New Website Design

Sell Fire Damaged House, a company that buys fire damaged houses has recently launched a new website design. With this new site design, they expect users to find it easier to navigate through the site and find the information that they are looking for. In addition, the redesign ensures that the site is mobile responsive, which means that people will be able to access the site even through their mobile devices, which have smaller screens. Furthermore, they expect more people to find the site to be visually appealing. Meanwhile, they have recently published an article on their site that provides a guide on how to sell a fire damaged home. This can be accessed at

A spokesperson from Sell Fire Damaged House says, “The most hazardous problem is selling your home after it has completely burnt down. As your property was on fire, the price of the property is going down. And sometimes, buyers hesitate to purchase a house that was burnt down. You may have to accept the lower charges if you are selling your home “as it is” or you have to spend a lot of money on restoring your house. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. But the main specification is that you have to bear losses. In the mentioned article, we discuss two main options to sell your fire-damaged home, their pros, cons, and everything you need to know.”

The two key options for selling a fire damaged home are: sell the house after restoration and sell the house as is. The first option is about selling the house after fixing it. There are a number of steps to take for this option. First is to call the insurance company. They will likely send someone to inspect the home and assess the damage. They may also send a claim adjuster who will advise the homeowner on what must be done immediately. It is important to really understand the insurance policy. Usually, the insurance company will provide the actual cash value or replacement value. The next step will be to get a qualified inspector to check on the home. Several inspections may be required by the fire department before people are allowed to re-enter the fire damaged house. Next, the homeowner will look for a restoration contractor who is experienced in handling fire damaged houses. This contractor will also provide assistance in dealing with the insurance company. And finally, after the house has been restored, it is time to hire a local realtor and sell the house the conventional way. This option may require a period of up to six months and of course, some funds.

The other option is to sell the fire damaged house as is. Those who are willing to buy a fire damaged home are likely to be real estate agents or investors who are experienced in buying such kind of property, fixing it, and then reselling it. Homeowners who are not willing to wait for six months to sell their house may prefer this option. In addition, investors typically pay in cash and they will usually do their work fast and without any inspections. The home seller will be able to save a significant amount on closing costs. On the other hand, it is important to always check the licenses of real estate agents or investors who are offering to buy a fire damaged house. They may try to take advantage of the homeowner by offering a much lower value and/or they may ask for a high commission.

Owners of fire damaged houses will have to make the decision on which option is appropriate for them. Homeowners will have different situations and will vary in their decision. Those who have the time and money for restoring a home will likely go for the first option. Those who don’t have the funds and the time or want to be rid of the fire damaged house as quickly as possible may choose the second option.

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