Company that Specializes in Windshield Replacement Phoenix Talks About How to File an Insurance Claim for this Service

Auto Glass Shop, a company that specializes in windshield replacement Phoenix, would like those in the area to know how to go about filing a Claim for this Service. It’s a process that this reputable company knows very well because they perform many insurance-related auto glass repairs and replacements every month. They also stress the importance of making a claim even for those who do not think they have glass coverage on their auto insurance. Many people are surprised to learn that these windshield repairs will be at least partially covered if they were not the result of negligence on their part.

The company representative, Paul, stated, “An overwhelming number of the windshield repair and replacement services that we do are at least partially covered by insurance. And trust me when I say that we do a lot of windshield replacement and repairs. It’s my experience that there are very few auto insurance policies that do not have some sort of auto glass coverage and many include full glass coverage. That’s why we encourage all of our customers to at least contact their insurance company immediately after they have suffered auto glass damage or when they first notice it. It never hurts and it’s not something that will impact any driver’s insurance premiums. We can even use our many years of experience to help you with your vehicle glass repair claim.”

Windshield Auto Glass Replacement Phoenix

Paul went on to say that making an auto glass Phoenix claim is a simple and fairly straightforward process. It’s also something that because of its often-low dollar amount, insurance companies typically make a coverage decision on very quickly. He added that if someone wants to get the repair or replacement of their windshield done very quickly, this is usually something that an insurance company will reimburse for if it's on the coverage and a proper claimed was filled out. All it takes to submit a claim is a quick call to the claim number found on the insurance card that those in Arizona are required to carry at all ties when driving. Typical auto glass coverage is triggered by such events as hail storms and rocks and other objects being thrown up from other vehicles and striking a windshield. The company representative advised that it’s best to make a claim as soon as possible after windshield damage has occurred. That’s because driving around with a cracked or broken windshield can also be very dangerous. He says not only can cracked and broken windshields cause vision problems but if the damage is bad enough a windshield can implode into a vehicle from the force of the outside air hitting it as one drives.

This auto glass replacement company’s insurance-related services are also very highly regarded by those that have used them. Hannah Marshall said in her 5-star Google Maps Listing review, “I put a lot of miles on my car for work and yesterday on the I-10 a rock hit the windshield and made a large crack. I found out online that Paul works near my house. He came out within a few hours and replaced the windshield and took care of all the paperwork with the insurance company.”

Paul also said that they offer convenient mobile auto glass replacement services. So, not only making a related claim is easy but there is little effort on the part of an insured to get the windshield replacement or repair completed. He added that they replace truck slider glass, commercial vehicle glass, and they are one of the companies that specialize in door glass replacement. Paul stated that they keep many types of door glass for popular models right in stock and those they don’t have they can order. He also says that they are fast becoming one of the most popular window tinting companies in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. It’s a service that is becoming hugely popular because of its ability to protect the interiors of cars from the hot Arizona sun. More about Auto Glass Shop’s windshield replacement and repair services can be viewed on their website.


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