Company that Specializes in VA & MD Swimming Pool Removal Talks About Why Spring is the Best Time to Do This Work

Remove A Pool, a nationwide company that specializes in swimming pool removal, says late winter and early spring are the best times to get rid of an unwanted swimming pool. They state that not only can their crews work under more ideal conditions at that time of year, but pool removal during this time also presents many opportunities for homeowners. This is especially true for those homeowners that have plans to repurpose their backyards once their swimming pool has been filled in.

A spokesperson for the company, S. Gordon, says, “We have been successfully satisfying homeowners in the Annapolis, MD and Northern Virginia areas with stress-free pool removal solutions for over 25 years now. That’s how we firmly established ourselves as the top pool removal option in these areas. Our many years of experience removing swimming pools has taught us that this job is best done in late winter or early spring. This is because of the benefits that doing pool removal at this time offers to the homeowners that have a pool in their backyard that they want to get rid of.”

Gordon mentioned that among the many reasons why they recommend removing pools in the late winter or early spring is because it helps a homeowner if they plan to re-establish their lawn in the area where the swimming pool was. Pools that are removed at the stated time allow many days for spring rains to settle the ground where the swimming pool previously existed. This is important to make sure the ground is as level as possible before planting takes place. He says the work will also be completed by early spring. This is important because early spring is the preferred time of year to plant and establish new grass, trees, and other greenery that will be placed in the landscape setting where the pool once was. The company spokesperson added that they are also currently offering special pricing for those that choose to schedule their pool to be removed by the company within the next few weeks.

According to Gordon, homeowners should never attempt to do pool removal themselves or hire this to be done by anyone who does not do it on a full-time basis. This is because there is much more than meets the eye as far as swimming pool construction goes. He says a good example of this is the way pool walls are constructed. These are typically solid concrete or fiberglass or metal walls that are encased in cement at the bottom. It takes the special equipment that professionals like them have to get the job done without making a mess out of a yard. The company spokesperson also talked about how there are hundreds of feet of plumbing that may get in the way during pool removal and other intricacies of the job that their special experience has taught them to deal with. He says that by hiring them to remove a swimming pool, a homeowner is guaranteed that the job will proceed along smoothly from start to finish. Their experience and specialized equipment will also enable them to get the job done much faster than a non-professional can.

The company spokesperson also pointed out that their customers have the option of them doing complete or partial swimming pool removal or just the demolition phase of the task. He added that they also make pool removal very easy for the homeowner. This is because they do such things as the site planning necessary to obtain removal permits, handle soil testing & inspection, follow protocols for locating gas, water, and electrical lines leading to the pool, and siphoning out any standing water to prevent flooding of the property. Gordon stated that they will even provide the homeowner with the documentation necessary to confirm that their pool was removed following all applicable building codes and environmental regulations.

Remove A Pool of Northern Virginia offers their reputable swimming pool removal services to those in Fairfax, Loudoun, Arlington, and Prince William Counties. Pool owners with an unwanted pool in other select areas of Virginia and Maryland are also encouraged to contact them for help with their swimming pool removal projects. Those who want to know more specific details about Remove A Pool’s services can contact them by phone, email, or by filling out the form that’s found on their website’s homepage.


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