Company Providing Landscaping Services In Pembroke Pines Post New Blog On How to Avoid Common Landscaping Mistakes

Pembroke Pines-based EPS Landscaping & Tree Service is always looking for ways to help both their customers and other property owners in their area have an easier time when it comes to DIY landscaping services. Evidence of this comes in their latest blog article which discusses some of the more common mistakes that property owners make when it comes to Pembroke Pines spring yard work. Those that follow the advice in this blog can avoid some of the headaches that often accompany DIY yard maintenance work.

The company co-owner, Greg O'Connell, says, “As spring starts to arrive in full force, it’s a time when many Florida property owners will start to think about the landscaping steps they will soon need to undertake. There really is a no better time than spring to not only get a yard looking good but also ensure that the plants, trees, grasses, and other vegetation that are growing in it are healthy. That’s why we took the time to post our new blog on the landscaping mistakes that we see done the most often in our community. It will help those in our area that like to do their own landscaping work avoid some of the critical errors that often go along with DIY yard work.”

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The new blog which is titled ‘Common Landscaping Mistakes to Watch Out for in Pembroke Pines’ started by mentioning that failure to plan before planting is a big mistake. This includes making the mistake of planting trees and shrubs that will eventually grow to block windows or planting garden beds with types of flowers that will disrupt the desired flow in that area. Another big concern the blog addressed is not researching the types of plants and trees that are being added to a landscape. This can result in new planting of such things as shade plants that are placed in areas that get full sun. In the blog, it was also mentioned that failing to get answers to planting and other landscaping questions from professionals when needed could result in disaster for a landscape. This EPS Landscaping & Tree Service blog post ended by saying that the lawn care experts at the company are always available to answer their customers' questions and concerns when it comes to spring lawn maintenance and planting tasks.

O'Connell also mentioned that for those in Pembroke Pines that do not want to do their spring landscaping tasks themselves, they have professional crews that can expertly handle those landowners' landscaping needs for them. Some of their landscaping specialties include irrigation services, landscape design & installation, hardscape installation, and a variety of lawn care services such as mowing, fertilization, and edge trimming. EPS Landscaping & Tree Service also has a solid reputation in the Pembroke Pines area when it comes to doing essential tree care work. He mentioned that while spring is not the ideal time to do important tree trimming and pruning tasks, it can still be professionally undertaken to do such things as eliminating dead and dying branches to stop disease spread and insect infestation. The spring is also a great time to remove problem trees in a yard that are very likely to come down and cause damage when strong storms pass through the area. The company co-owner added that they are also very good at doing storm cleanup work, stump grinding, tree shaping, and palm tree trimming.

Reviews that have been received on this landscaping and tree company’s service have also been overwhelmingly positive. Vanessa A stated, “Jessica was the best to work with! I called her last minute to get some landscaping jobs done and her team did an amazing job! Everything looked great and I love how efficient they were. Wouldn’t work with anyone else. Look forward to working with EPS landscaping on all my landscaping needs.” Bryan Cook wrote, “When I called this company they came out and exceeded my expectations. I have recommended EPS to all of my friends. They are a one-stop-shop to meet all of your landscaping needs.”

Those looking to get Pembroke Pines, Florida tree service and landscaping work done can get in touch with this company by phone, email, or they can fill out the ‘Request a Quote’ form that’s found on their website’s homepage.


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