Company in Tacoma WA Launches New Website for Bathroom Remodel Services

A company based in Tacoma, WA, has revealed that they have just launched a new website offering bathroom remodeling services in Tacoma and neighboring areas. They want homeowners to know that their bathroom remodeling contractors have the experience and the knowledge on how to get the most from any bathroom in order to accomplish its full potential. They will take into account all of the elements of the bathroom, from the countertops to the shower tile and floors, to perform a complete transformation to achieve the homeowner’s dream bathroom renovation.

In addition, this bathroom remodeling company ensures the peace of mind of homeowners when planning their home improvement project by offering them a guarantee they can really depend on. Many homeowners had realized in the past that many of the warranties provided by manufacturers prorate very fast with some within the first year. In addition, the average contractor would be willing to guarantee their labor for only one year.

A spokesperson for the company says, “Reputable bathroom contractors are insured, bonded, and licensed to perform the job right the first time. It is very important to not only choose a company that is a bathroom renovations specialist but has also earned a trusted reputation in the community to ensure that your remodel is successfully completed.”

He continues, “An expert remodeling contractor will provide guidance and accurately complete the job with exceptional care and workmanship. Professional contractors have numerous contacts with suppliers or manufacturers who can give them good deals on high-quality products. And whenever you choose Tacoma Bathroom Remodeling Specialists, the project will be completed with minimal disruption and less time. A remodeling contractor can navigate the inspection and permit requirements for you as well.”

The spokesperson also wants to point out that a bathroom remodeling can offer several benefits. These include the fact that: it increases the home’s value; it adds energy-efficient features; it adds extra smart storage; and it offers an updated look.

A bathroom remodeling project can consist of improvements to the bathroom design, bathroom flooring, custom bathroom vanities, and shower repair and installation. With regards to bathroom design, they have a team that truly understands the value of having a good balance of function and form. They can provide guidance to the homeowner with regards to the different alternatives that are available, from smaller selections such as vents, knobs, and fixtures to key features such as bathroom hardware, shower doors, mirrors, flooring, and bathroom cabinets.

An important feature of a bathroom remodel is a shower remodel. This may include the following: replacement showers, shower wall surrounds, shower bases, and shower doors. For the shower enclosure, there are a wide range of options, such as: diamond-fusion protective glass that makes it easier than ever before to clean the shower door; elimination of the hassle of soap scum and mildew build-up a by tapered bottom tracks; sliding and swinging shower enclosure; and durable and mold-resistant shower enclosures.

The bathroom remodel may also focus on having a new shower door that offers several benefits. These include the fact that: in many cases, they can be installed in one day; new shower doors are more affordable than many people think; new shower doors will last for many years; and the shower doors will not have to be maintained too often.

The team at Tacoma Bathroom Remodeling Specialists can provide custom showers and bathtub and shower replacement. The bathtub and/or shower may be built based on the client’s specifications. They can also build walk-in showers and handicapped-accessible showers, with a focus on safety and accessibility. This will often require the widening of doors and entry-ways, the addition of moving of plumbing features, maintaining low-thresholds, adding grab bars, and installing convenient shower seats, faucet controls, soap niches, and handrails.

Homeowners and other property owners in Tacoma, Washington, who are in need of bathroom remodeling may want to visit the Tacoma Bathroom Remodeling Specialists website at, or contact them through the telephone. They are open from Monday to Sunday, from 8am to 8pm everyday.


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