Commonwealth Waste Solutions Willingness to Help Results in 5-Star Review

Mechanicsville, VA-based Commonwealth Waste Solutions is a company that has grown substantially over the last several years. Much of this is due to the efficient way that they handle a wide variety of septic tank pumping and cleaning tasks. The company has even shown a willingness to respond quickly when a septic tank emergency arises. This willingness to help their customers out when they are in a pinch recently resulted in a 5-star review being posted on Commonwealth Waste Solutions Google Maps Business Listing. In this review, customer Phyllis Wyche wrote, “Mr. Muzzy and his associate did an excellent job in an emergent situation. I recommend them highly. Thank you.” This review can be seen at

Jack Muzzy, the company owner, stated that they take all the feedback that their customers post or give to them on their septic pumping and cleaning services very seriously. Positive reviews such as the one mentioned above reinforce what the company does right and on the rare occasion that they do receive a negative review, they us it to work on areas of their septic pumping services which can help them serve their customers even better. He stated that they also realize that some septic tank and grease trap situations require more urgent attention than others, so they are always ready to respond accordingly. They have the right personnel and equipment necessary to handle a wide variety of urgent septic tank and grease trap problems. The company owner talked about how this is all part of his commitment to provide the absolute best commercial and residential septic tank plumbing and cleaning services in their area of Virginia. He stated that this has always been part of his promise to give his customers 100% of his efforts and experience to his job as well as providing competitively priced, fast responding, clean, and professional service.

The company owner also discussed the many septic tank related services that they offer. On the commercial side this includes septic tank pumping & cleaning, hydro jetting, and grease trap cleaning. All of which are designed to keep these systems working properly and to avoid having any major issues with them in the future. Commonwealth Waste Solutions residential septic tank work includes septic tank pumping & cleaning, real estate septic system inspections, and septic system repairs. He also mentioned how important it was to keep septic systems and grease traps properly maintained at all times in order for these to function as intended.

Muzzy also cautioned about how consumers should not be too hasty when it comes to hiring someone to take care of their septic tank or grease trap issues. Customers should ask for referrals from friends and family or do some online research to find the best septic services company for their needs. It was also suggested that a person looking for septic tank help should also compare prices between companies and to keep in mind that people often get what they pay for in their industry, so they shouldn’t necessarily go with the cheapest option just to save a few bucks. He added that it’s also a good idea to have the septic tank area free from clutter before a scheduled appointment with them and that once a customer calls them, they can relax and let the professionals at Commonwealth Waste Solutions resolve their septic tank issues for them.

Muzzy also mentioned that they provide septic tank services to many Chesterfield, Charles City, Henrico, and Hanover County locations. This includes Ashland, Atlee, Beaverdam, Doswell, Elmont, Hanover Courthouse, Hanover, Mechanicsville, Montpelier, Old Church, Rockville, and Studley. He says that customers that are looking for more information on their septic tank and grease pumping solutions are always welcome to contact them by phone, send them an email, or they can also refer to the company website for that information. The company website’s home page even includes a handy contact request form on it. The company owner also says that people can get information on their services by going to their Facebook Page which is located at


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