Commonwealth Waste Solutions Shares Tips To Help Prepare For Winter

Commonwealth Waste Solutions, a Chesterfield, VA waste management service, would like to share a few tips with local residents in preparation for winter. With summer coming to an end, there are a number of things homeowners should be doing to make sure that they are ready for the cold. This includes cleaning up what needs to be cleaned up, making sure that one’s home is properly insulated and more. Find out more about the company and their services at

The first tip Commonwealth Waste Solutions recommends is to spread mulch on the ground above the septic tank, as this is one way to insulate the septic system during the winter. It can help protect one’s septic system from freezing temperatures and prevent unnecessary damage. This is particularly important if one has had a septic installation recently or if the ground cover around one’s home is poor. Spreading an 8-12 inch thick layer over the whole septic system area has proven to be very effective and is guaranteed to keep the septic system from freezing even in the coldest conditions. It is usually better to spread mulch in the fall before the weather is too cold. If, however, the ground or septic system is already frozen, the insulation provided by mulch will cause thawing to take longer. Asking a septic tank professional whether or not they think it is necessary to spread mulch can be helpful.

The second tip offered by Commonwealth Waste Solutions is to pump the tank. If it has been a long time since the last septic tank pumping, fall is a good time to get it done. During the winter, it can be very difficult to locate the septic tank, which means the task will be much more challenging if it becomes necessary to pump the tank during this period. The frozen ground also makes it difficult to dig and access the septic tank.

Conserving water during winter is very important, which is why the third tip offered by Commonwealth Waste Solutions involves limiting water usage. “During the fall, you might have a lot of guests in your home,” says the waste management service. “Halloween parties, Thanksgiving dinner and pumpkin carving get-togethers will all bring together friends and family. These gatherings can be a lot of fun, but they can also stress your septic system, especially if your holiday celebrations involve overnight guests. For this reason, it’s important to practice water conservation in your home to reduce the stress on your septic system. Simple acts like staggering your showers and laundry can help your system remain healthy. When you conserve water in your home, you can avoid overworking your septic system and be sure that it will remain in proper working order.”

Commonwealth Waste Solutions offers a number of services aimed at helping homeowners keep their septic systems working efficiently. The company offers septic tank pumping and cleaning in Chesterfield, VA. They also provide a variety of other services, such as grease trap maintenance. Most restaurants in the area have either an indoor grease trap located in the floor or under the counter which must be pumped and cleaned on a regular basis to avoid serious problems in sewer lines and pump stations downstream of the restaurant. Learn more here:

“Commonwealth Waste Solutions, LLC has a vision of growth, expansion and diversification,” says the company. “We intend to expand our current service offers as well as our service locations. As we add new services, service locations and equipment, we will need employees to fill the vacant positions. We intend to hire locally and promote from within. We strongly feel the diversification of additional offered services will help strengthen our local economy. Chesterfield County, Virginia is our home, and our desire is to remain not only a reputable company within our industry but a pillar of the community as well. As our business grows and we build on our reputation, we remain passionate about earning the trust of our customers and keeping their business.”

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