Commonwealth Waste Solutions Reminds Homeowners in Hanover County to Get Their Septic Tanks Pumped as Soon as Possible

Commonwealth Waste Solutions, a company based in Chesterfield, Virginia, wants to remind homeowners in Hanover County and neighboring areas whose septic tanks are due for pumping this year to get it done as early as possible. This is because the warm weather is most suitable for septic tank pumping. If the pumping is delayed and has to be done during the winter, the process would be much more difficult because the frozen ground would make it harder to get access to the septic tank. Such difficulty could result in a higher service cost. Thus, homeowners are advised to have the septic tank pumping done before the summer season ends.

They also would like to remind homeowners that ideally, a septic tank will need to be pumped every three to five years, depending on how much it is used and its size. Those interested in learning more about the septic tank pumping services offered by Commonwealth Waste Solutions can visit the page

Jason Muzzy, the spokesperson for Commonwealth Waste Solutions, says, “We would like to remind homeowners in Hanover County and surrounding areas to take advantage of the summer season to get their septic tanks pumped if their tanks are scheduled to be pumped this year. Please don’t wait until the colder seasons set in. It will be much more difficult to get to the septic tank and it will cost you more.”

Homeowners should also note that pumping and cleaning their septic system will not just help it to work properly. It will also prolong the life of the septic system. Commonwealth Waste Solutions provides septic services to various areas in Hanover County. These include Ashland, Atlee, Beaverdam, Doswell, Elmont, Hanover Courthouse, Hanover, Mechanicsville, Montpelier, Old Church, Rockville, and Studley.

Their residential septic services include pumping and cleaning; septic system treatment; inspections; repairs; and other services. Their commercial septic services include septic tank pumping and cleaning; hydro jetting; and grease trap cleaning. Those who would like to know more about Commonwealth Waste Solutions can check out their Facebook page at

The septic pumping and cleaning service is essential because waste accumulates inside the septic tank. The contents of a septic tank are in three layers - the top layer is the scum, which is made up of human waste, toilet tissue, and other solid materials that flow out from the home. This scum layer floats on the second layer, which is wastewater or the effluent. The bacteria in the septic tank will feed on the organic matter found in the scum layer and the residual sinks to the bottom of the tank to create the third layer, which is known as sludge.

Over time, the scum layer becomes thicker, while the sludge at the bottom deepens. This gradually results in reduced effluent as it is increasingly contaminated by suspended solids. The effluent should flow through the drain field pipes and seep down through the gravel. If the effluent has too much solid material in it, it will be harder for it to flow through the pipes. This could possibly result in a clogged septic tank. That is why the septic tank has to be pumped and cleaned on a regular basis. For homeowners who are not sure about when their septic tank was last pumped and cleaned, they can request an inspection.

Another important service the company provides for commercial establishments is grease trap cleaning. The grease trap or grease interceptor is found in businesses that prepare or serve food. Examples are restaurants, schools, hotels, retirement homes, hospitals, and more. Commercial kitchens usually have a grease trap found either under the counter or under the floor. Over time, the grease builds up in the grease trap and this has to be removed to prevent the grease finding its way to the sewer system and causing problems.

Homeowners who are interested in the septic tank pumping services and other related services provided by Commonwealth Waste Solutions may want to check out their website or contact them on the telephone or through email. To get more information about the company, one may also check out their Google Maps page at


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