Commonwealth Waste Solutions Reminds Hanover County Septic Owners to Pump Those Systems Regularly

Commonwealth Waste Solutions of Chesterfield, VA is a company that is dedicated to its customers and routinely offers helpful advice to keep their septic systems in good shape. The company has taken the time to point out to its customers in Hanover County and Richmond, that not only is regular septic tank pumping encouraged, but failure to do so could also result in expensive system repairs or replacement. The company owner, Jason Muzzy, says, “We here at Commonwealth Waste Solutions want to remind Hanover homeowners who have not had their septic tanks pumped to do so before the cold weather sets in. This is something that’s recommended to be done at least every 3-years for most residential septic systems. It will help to keep them in optimal working condition. Even though there is a small cost for this service, when it’s done routinely and combined with proper septic system maintenance, septic tank pumping can save homeowners money in the long run.”

Muzzy went on to say that many people are not even aware that there are maintenance steps that need to be taken to keep their septic systems working properly and repair-free. He hates nothing more than presenting someone with a high septic repair bill for something that their septic installer or the previous homeowner never instructed them to do. That’s why the company feels it’s important to post septic system maintenance reminders occasionally so their customers can avoid unpleasant surprises. They chose now to remind homeowners about septic tank pumping because it will go a long way towards helping those customers avoid needing any septic repairs over the winter. A time when frozen and rain saturated ground conditions often drive up the difficulty and cost of septic system repairs.

The company owner added, “If you don't pump your septic system and it fails - and trust us, it will - you'll need to spend around $7,000 to have it replaced, if not more. Pumping your septic system, on the other hand, costs around $300. The difference between the two amounts is highlighted further when you consider that most residential septic systems only require pumping every 3 to 5 years. So, while you might be concerned about the $300 price tag right now, it's unquestionably better to pump your system when needed as opposed to when it breaks down.” Muzzy also stated that they never like to see any homeowner confused about the maintenance steps that they should be taking with their septic systems. That’s why he and the others on the company’s staff are always happy to answer any septic system questions or concerns their customers’ have. He added that the easiest way to reach them is by phone or email.

Many favorable reviews on the company’s regular and emergency septic system services can be found on their Google Maps business listing. Here are some examples of the 5-star reviews that have been left on that listing which is located on the web at Sharra McKesson stated, “I highly recommend Commonwealth Waste Solutions for all of your septic needs. They are easy to contact, the service is fast, and you can't beat their professionalism. I am very happy that I found Commonwealth Waste Solutions and I will never use any other company for my septic needs.” Phyllis Wyche said, “Mr. Muzzy and his associate did an excellent job in an emergency septic situation for us. I highly recommend them. Thank you.”

Muzzy is also proud of the fact that his company is a full-service septic and grease removal services provider. The company features a fleet of modern vehicles that are driven by some of the most experienced septic drivers in the area. Their services include septic tank pumping and cleaning, septic system treatments, septic system installations, and sewer drain line services. He mentioned that they also are the area's leader when it comes to commercial grease trap pumping and cleaning services. Commonwealth Waste Solutions service area includes Richmond, Midlothian, Petersburg, Pilkington, Winterpock, Hallsboro, and all of Hanover County. More reviews on the company’s service are also highlighted on its YouTube page which is located at


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