Commonwealth Waste Solutions Is Offering Safety Tips For Property Owners With Septic Tanks

Commonwealth Waste Solutions, a residential and commercial septic tank inspection and maintenance company from Chesterfield County, Virginia, is reminding the county’s residents about the critical septic tank safety precautions they should take this Spring.

The owner of the company, Jason B. Muzzy, talks about the risks involved with having a septic tank on one’s property by saying, “Septic tanks offer a lot of value to homeowners, especially in rural areas, as they are an affordable solution for waste decomposition that is also natural and, hence, good for the environment. However, having worked in this industry for a long time, I highly recommended that you take your time to understand the dangers that an improperly operated and maintained septic tank can pose. Homeowners should be aware of the risks associated with septic tanks and take steps on time to mitigate those risks. At the end of the day, though a septic tank offers tremendous utility and cost savings in the long run, proper upkeep and following all safety precautions are important for the health and safety of everyone in the household. Once you have done your preliminary research and educated yourself about the responsibility that comes with having a septic tank on your property, you can always call the experts at Commonwealth Waste Solutions to book an appointment or to ask us about our services." Those interested can find the company's contact information and read reviews from past customers by heading over to its Google My Business page at the link:

The primary risk posed by a septic tank is the risk of drowning. Children and pets, if allowed to get too close to an unguarded septic tank that is not cordoned off by fencing, are at the greatest risk of drowning by falling in. To the untrained eyes of children and animals, the tank may look like a swimming pool, but the water is often dirty and full of bacteria. Even if the children or pets are rescued from drowning, falling into the septic tank is by itself a significant health hazard that will require seeking immediate medical attention.

Another common risk associated with septic tanks is the risk of explosion. The sludge in a septic tank undergoes anaerobic decomposition leading to the formation of methane gas which is known to be highly flammable. Septic tanks can explode if there is an unchecked build-up of methane gas. A significant build-up of methane gas is especially likely if the tank is not properly ventilated or if there is a leak in the tank.

Septic tanks that are aging, that are not properly fortified, or those that are located in areas where the ground is moist can suffer from weakening walls leading to the leakage of the sewage into the ground surrounding the tank. This leads to a risk of contamination of groundwater if the pipes bringing water to the property pass near the area where the septic tank is installed. This can lead to serious health problems for people who drink the water that gets contaminated in transit.

When asked about the basic safety procedures to follow to ensure owning a septic tank is a pleasant experience, Jason says, “First and foremost, have your tank inspected regularly by a professional. Mark it on your calendar if you have to or set a reminder. The professional you hire will ideally go through their entire safety checklist during an inspection which includes ensuring that the tank is properly ventilated and making sure that there are no leaks in the tank. You can also secure the area around the septic tank by adding simple fencing and stopping children and pets from playing around it. Also, ensure that the septic tank cover is secure at all times to prevent accidental drowning. Finally, if you smell sewage or methane (which typically smells like rotten eggs), your septic tank might be leaking, and you should immediately contact a professional for help.”

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