Commercial COVID Cleaning in Sydney: COVID Cleaners Work Around the Clock as the Lockdown Continues

Clean Group Sydney has revealed that their commercial COVID cleaners are working around the clock as the lockdown continues because of the high demand for COVID cleaning services for commercial establishments in Sydney and neighbouring areas. Businesses that have been hit by COVID-19 require COVID-19 deep cleaning, which can be provided by Clean Group Sydney. They can even provide the business with a certification that the premises have been cleaned in compliance with Safe Work Australia (SWA) guidelines. This certification allows businesses to obtain fast and easy approval from the Australian Health Department to reopen after COVID-19.

Stephen Matthews, Commercial Cleaning Manager at Clean Group Sydney, says, “Our trained cleaners are ready to provide COVID cleaning for various kinds of establishments. We can offer commercial COVID cleaning, Strata COVID cleaning, warehouse COVID cleaning, medical centre COVID cleaning, childcare COVID cleaning, and vehicle COVID cleaning. Once our COVID Deep Cleaning has been completed at your worksite, office space or commercial area that has been exposed to COVID-19, we will issue a Checklist and Certification so you can quickly and easily get approval from the appropriate government health department to reopen your business.”

COVID Cleaners

Clean Group Sydney provides COVID deep cleaning services for commercial establishments, including office buildings, gyms, schools, malls, hotels, workshops, retail stores, and more. They use the advanced electrostatic disinfection sprayer in combination with a TGA-approved disinfectant that can provide up to 99 percent germ-free workspace.

They also offer strata COVID cleaning, which includes the cleaning and disinfecting of all exterior, interior and common areas in a strata building. They have been working with several strata managers and owners in Sydney for the provision of decontamination and cleaning services for strata buildings.

Clean Group Sydney has also been providing help to several businesses in Sydney, allowing them to reopen their warehouse operations through Certified Warehouse COVID cleaning. This COVID cleaning service includes complete disinfection of the warehouse, including packing tables, conveyor belts, storage areas, trolleys, warehouse offices, forklifts, kitchen, and toilets.

They also offer totally safe and guaranteed COVID deep cleaning services for medical centres in Sydney. They can help in making the healthcare centres safe again for the return of the doctors, health professionals, employees, and patients after the medical centre has been provided with certified medical COVID cleaning and sanitisation.

They also provide comprehensive childcare COVID cleaning through their expert cleaners to ensure the safety and health of the children. Childcare COVID deep cleaning covers everything from playrooms, beds, cots, toys, fridge, office, staff room, exterior play area, and kitchen. They make sure to use only TGA-approved chemicals that have been proven to be safe for children and staff members.

Clean Group Sydney also offers vehicle COVID cleaning services, which include sanitising all interior and exterior parts of the vehicle. From small cars to commercial trucks, they can provide COVID disinfection of any type of commercial and personal vehicles.

They employ the most up-to-date equipment and tools for cleaning and disinfection. For instance, they use an electrostatic sprayer that applies a small positive charge to the aerosols coming out of the nozzle. This allows the positively charged droplets to adhere easily to the negatively charged surfaces. With this method, there is no chance for human error where some surfaces are missed. Because the aerosol droplets are electrically attracted to the surfaces, all surfaces will get coated with the disinfectant. The spray would also be wider because the positively charged droplets repel each other and then actively seek out the surfaces and stick to them, including those places that are hard to reach with just manual wiping or using regular sprayers. The disinfecting chemical will also not pool in certain areas such as the floor. Pooling of the chemical tends to happen with trigger sprays, which results into wastage.

Business managers and property managers who require the services of Clean Group COVID cleaners can check out the Clean Group Sydney website, or contact them on the telephone or through email.


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