Commercial Cleaning Service Encourages Restaurants To Clean Every Kitchen Hood

MO based St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration is taking steps to educate their customers on the dangers of not having a restaurant’s kitchen range hood cleaned regularly. The company clarifies that this should also be left in the hands of a professional who knows what they are doing, especially given the consequences that can arise from an inadequate cleaning. Those who find themselves currently in need of such a cleaning service, however, are welcome to contact the team at St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration today to get started.

Commercial kitchen managers who are unfamiliar with the topic are invited to visit the company’s blog space as well (on their official website) where a new post was recently published that sheds more light on the issue. While the company advises their community against using this post as a rough guide in an attempt to handle kitchen range hood cleanings by themselves, it still offers a great deal of insight on why they should take the matter seriously — and what could happen if they do not.

The post begins by pointing out that, “A commercial kitchen can accumulate grease and odors very quickly, depending on the types and amount of cooking that is done there. These particles are extracted from the area through the exhaust system so they don’t stay in the kitchen, accumulate on surfaces, or waft into the dining area.” The company adds that some restaurants may be in the habit of ignoring their kitchen hoods as they have yet to experience any significant issues. However, St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration warns that it is usually only a matter of time before this becomes impossible.

As the post notes, grease and odors are pulled through the exhaust system and filters through the kitchen hood. In the event the hood clogs up and malfunction, the kitchen could soon be inundated by unpleasant odors and more, making it a difficult environment to work in. Worse, a neglected exhaust system can even develop into a fire hazard.

More than 11,000 fires occur each year in restaurants and kitchens, according to the National Fire Protection Association, leading to more than $160 million in damages. Therefore, it is in a restaurant’s best interests to maintain a regular cleaning schedule for their kitchen hood. Restaurant owners and managers will also want to remain compliant with local codes and standards for ventilation control and fire protection of commercial cooking operations (NFPA 96). Regular cleaning will both reduce the likelihood of a fire taking place as well as keep the business compliant.

The post adds that grease from kitchen exhaust can also contribute to premature roof decay and damage. Since roofing contractors are aware of this possibility, restaurants are often obliged to keep their kitchen hoods clean in order to remain in compliance with their roofing warranties.

While regular kitchen hood cleanings may sound stressful or time-consuming to deal with, St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration asserts that their team can make the whole process much easier for their customers. In addition to cleaning kitchen hoods and exhaust systems to an exacting standard, a restaurant need only arrange a regular cleaning schedule with the company to ensure that they never need to think about this aspect of their operations again. St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration and their team will always show up on time, at the customer’s convenience, to carry out the cleaning as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Details of this process can be found in the company’s blog post as well, which explains that they clean and polish the hood with scrupulous detail, clean the filters (as well as the area behind the filters), clean and scrape the ducts wherever they are accessible (and install access panels if needed) and clean the fan blades and housing (hinge kits may be installed if required here as well).

Restaurants and other interested parties are welcome to contact Kevin Finn of St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration to inquire further about their services. The company can also be reached through their official website and social media platforms. Read the blog post in full at the following link:


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