Commercial Cleaning Melbourne Company Providing Services In All 321 Suburbs of Melbourne

Clean Group is a well-recognised name in the cleaning industry of Melbourne. It’s a commercial cleaning company providing services to businesses in all major suburbs of Melbourne. According to the website, the company has a branch office in Melbourne city and provides office cleaning & commercial cleaning services in all 321 suburbs of Melbourne. They have dedicated vehicles, cleaning supplies and an in-house team of cleaners to take care of all their clients’ cleaning needs.

“We have been offering cost-effective and complete commercial cleaning services in Melbourne for more than 20 years now. Having a dedicated cleaners’ team and resources enables us to provide quick services to clients located even in the most remote areas of Australia. As of now, we provide routine cleaning and specialised cleaning services to hundreds of commercial properties, including offices, all over Melbourne. You can also call us for custom cleaning requirements,” says Suji Siv, owner and CEO of Clean Group.

Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

Clean Group Commercial Cleaning Company in Melbourne offers a complete range of commercial & office cleaning services to businesses in a variety of industries all across the city and nearby suburbs. It is regarded as one of the most trusted and reputable cleaning companies in Melbourne and is also the one with the most experience in this industry.

From office cleaning to child care and aged care cleaning, NDIS cleaning, school cleaning, strata cleaning, retail cleaning, medical cleaning and industrial cleaning, Clean Group has experience in all types of commercial cleaning services. That, combined with their ability to understand the unique cleaning requirements of different types of properties in Melbourne, gives them an edge over the competition.

“We are preferred by almost all property owners in Melbourne for their cleaning needs, not just because we provide the best quality services but also because we care about our customers and always strive hard to meet their expectations. We have the experience and the skills to offer personalized cleaning solutions that fit everyone’s needs and budget.”

Many cleaning agencies treat cleaning as a job, something that needs to be done. They might not care about the quality of the work or the safety of people around. But, Clean Group is different. The company has a strict policy to only use green and non-toxic cleaning solutions that are completely safe for the environment and humans and very effective in the removal of all kinds of germs. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures that all the work by their cleaners is done in line with the highest quality standards.

Moreover, they regularly provide training to their cleaners and upgrade their tools & practices to continue meeting the highest cleaning standards and shifting user demands. As a 100% Australian-owned business, Clean Group works closely with local businesses to understand and meet their routine cleaning needs. The company is committed to providing services in line with its core values of quality, reliability and safety. They are trusted by hundreds of businesses already and provide completely reliable and dependable cleaning services.

One of the reasons why so many businesses choose to trust Clean Group Melbourne for their routine cleaning needs is the use of the latest cleaning technologies & practices by their cleaners. In fact, it’s a leading commercial cleaning company in terms of using the best modern technologies available in the market. For instance, Clean Group cleaners use the i-mop scrubber, which is a flexible & smaller variant of an industrial scrubber with much more efficiency. Also, they have recently started using the Electrostatic Sprayer Technology for disinfection cleaning, the use of which is still limited to only big enterprises because of the high cost. But, Clean Group provides this service at a really good cost and with a complete satisfaction guarantee.

“Our cleaners hold all the required licenses and certifications for your peace of mind. They are background-verified, police-checked and vetted and hold the proper insurance. Also, all our cleaning services & tools are covered under insurance, so you don’t have to worry about any damage of any kind when using our cleaning services.”

The awarded team of Clean Group uses innovative ways of cleaning with a focus on making the place clean and germfree while avoiding cross-contamination. For this purpose, they use specialized microfiber cloths that are very effective in killing the viruses from a surface with just one wipe. Read for more information

Businesses and property owners anywhere in Melbourne can call Clean Group to book a free on-site quote for their next commercial cleaning project.


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