Commercial Cleaning Company Explains How Commercial Buildings Are Cleaned in Sydney

Clean Group Sydney, a Sydney-based commercial cleaning company, has recently published a blog post that explains how commercial buildings are cleaned in Sydney. The article points out that commercial cleaning is very different from residential cleaning and are more suitable for those who are running a business rather than owners of residential homes. Since they clean differently compared to the cleaning professionals who are focused on residential homes, it does not mean that commercial cleaning service providers will do a better job in cleaning homes compared to residential cleaning professionals.

Stephen Matthews, Commercial Cleaning Manager at Clean Group Sydney, says, “In the world of cleaning, the word commercial does not refer to the more industrial type of cleaning. It literally means just industrial - plain and simple as it is. Cleaning machinery, blank spaces, chemicals, and other industrial solvents are just some of the things that the commercial cleaning services deal with, as well as with the different types of conditions and clientele. A residential cleaning service specializes in cleaning things around the home such as cleaning floors, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Commercial cleaning, on the other hand, includes cleaning things such as offices, buildings, or retail stores.”

There is a big difference between commercial and residential cleaning, especially when comparing the retail store with the home. The residential cleaning professionals will provide a much more detailed and thorough cleaning. Commercial cleaning companies in Sydney focus on cleaning at special events, including flood or fire cleaning. They are equipped to clean those things in the commercial building have been severely damaged by water and by other means.

The tasks of a commercial cleaning company in Sydney will not just involve emptying trash cans and cleaning floors and surfaces in the building. Such floors and surfaces will include tiled and carpeted floors. In addition, the commercial cleaning service provider will make sure that all the walls, including cubical and physical walls, are thoroughly cleaned. They will also ensure that dusts are minimal on drop ceilings, lighting fixtures, and HVAC vents. They will also thoroughly clean computer monitors, desktop computers, and all other office furniture.

In addition to the offices, the professional commercial cleaning professionals will also clean all restrooms, including providing a deep clean of the urinals, toilets, faucets, sinks, mirrors, stall partitions, and ensuring that all paper products are fully restocked. The commercial cleaning service will also include cleaning of windows, dining areas, break room, commercial kitchens, and anything additional that might be requested by the client.

And because commercial buildings are places where large numbers of people gather, ensuring hygiene and keeping people safe are also essential. With the emergence of the pandemic, this has gained prominence and cleaning surfaces and objects in the commercial building will need to include ensuring that these are not contaminated with the coronavirus and other germs. There is also much concern about common areas in the building and ensuring that these are clean and disinfected, including door handles, computers, light switches, keyboards, copy machines, phones, office chairs, and other office equipment that are frequently used by many people, including visitors.

According to Clean Group Sydney, a satisfactory commercial cleaning approach has to be focused on efficiency and consistency. It is vital for the commercial cleaning team to go through the building as quickly as possible while providing thorough cleaning and disinfection to ensure that business processes are not disrupted. Of course, the cleaning must be done consistently to ensure that no area is left unclean.

The commercial cleaning team from Clean Group Sydney have been screened and well-trained to ensure that they can provide efficient and consistent cleaning for a commercial building. They are also equipped the most up-to-date and the best equipment to ensure that they can do the cleaning quickly. They also make sure that the cleaning solutions they are using are environmentally friendly by ensuring that they are non-toxic and biodegradable. They also prefer to use products with organic ingredients that were produced via sustainable farming methods. The also reduce the amount of cleaning chemicals used by applying microfibre technology.

When looking for a professional service for commercial cleaning Sydney businesses can visit the Clean Group Sydney website, or contact them via the telephone or through email.


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