Commence Corporation Offers Cloud CRM for Small Business

Commence Corporation, based in Eatontown, NJ, has announced that they are offering cloud CRM software that is ideal for small businesses. Commence CRM software has a proven track record of assisting businesses boost their sales through the automation of sales and customer relationship management. This includes a comprehensive set of tools that include lead management, sales opportunity management, contact management, marketing campaign management, customer service, activity management, project management, and more.

Larry Caretsky, CEO of Commence Corporation, says, “We don’t just sell CRM software – we are committed to helping you get sales. We’re here to help you implement best practices around sales and customer service that result in overall improved business performance. Commence CRM is a robust affordable solution with an experienced support staff that ensures the most bang for your buck.”

Commence office

He explains, “Each feature is tightly integrated to help you grow your business faster by managing existing and potential customers from a single solution that breaks down information silos. The seamless ecosystem allows you to gain an insight into every customer and lead interaction across your organization with powerful analytics and reporting features. Customizable reports combined with graphical representations of current sales, marketing efforts and customer service information enables management to make effective decisions based on a clear picture of the organization’s needs and strengths.”

The Commence Cloud CRM for Small Business software is provided with their advanced customer profiling feature. This can help the busines in creating and nurturing relationships with customers rather than sending out a generic message to all customers. This software has been developed specifically for small- and mid-size businesses where personalization is essential. The result of this feature is targeted marketing and enhanced customer relationships for more sales. Those who would like to know more about the company may want to follow their Facebook page.

Another important component of the Commence Cloud CRM for Small Business software is the customer segmentation feature. This allows the automation of the creation of customer segments across a wide range of data points, enabling the business to reach each type of customer with messaging that specifically address their pain points.

Another part of this cloud CRM software is the sales tracking feature that allows the business to take advantage of sales opportunities with better control over sales management. Through this feature the business is able to monitor all sales activities. This involves keeping records and particularizing every aspect of the sales process. It typically includes following up on daily activities and projecting future sales. Sales tracking will enable businesses to centralize sales forecasting, enhance resource management, and assess the collective performance of the sales staff based on close ratios.

This cloud CRM software also offers a ticket management system that allows companies to stay connected with their customers and streamline processes. It also functions as a tool to help with sales management, contact management, productivity, and more. It can help the business in focusing on relationships with individual people. This means connecting with customers, colleagues, service users, and suppliers throughout their full lifecycle in a seamless way. These are all done in an organized manner through a ticket management system. Every ticket is carefully documented and logged in the software for easy access by the team whenever needed.

And finally, the Commence cloud CRM software has a project management feature, which offers the project managers total control over each aspect of the project planning process. Project managers will be able to move between different task sections, modify and delete based on their needs, and then mark tasks as done after completion. This feature allows the project managers to visualize the progress of each project from start to completion, providing managers with a clear idea of where the company’s resources are going.

Those who are interested in the Commence CRM software may want to check out the Commence Corporation website, or call them on the phone, or contact them through email. People who are interested in knowing their location and other important information may also want to take a look at their GMB listing. They are open from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.


For more information about Commence Corporation, contact the company here:

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