Colorado Springs Water Damage Pros Offering Fire Damage Cleanup & Repair

When fire damage happens it’s devastating and absolutely heart-breaking because it can destroy so much in so little time. A home is filled with many things that have a memory and losing some or all of them is a horrible feeling. Whiz Water Damage is now providing fire damage cleanup and repair services to residents in Colorado Springs. Whether it’s minor or severe, their fire damage specialists are standing by to assist.

While fires can seriously burn a structure and the belongings inside, they can also leave behind smoke odor and soot on everything spared from the fire. When you call us to help you, we make sure to remove these odors and all of the debris prior to restoring the area,” the manager said.

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Larger fires are obviously more destructive, but even minor fires can cause a decent amount of damage if left unattended for just a short amount of time. Whiz Water Damage has a team that is experienced, educated, and passionate in what they do. They also have the necessary equipment to completely restore an area after fire damage.

The local service provider also offers water damage cleanup if needed prior to fire damage cleanup. Putting a fire out can take significant amounts of water and everything in its path may be affected.

After you call us, we will send a team to your property to start taking inventory of damages. We also check how structurally sound the damaged area is; sometimes a little repair is needed in this respect. It’s important that your property is safe in order for us to begin cleanup and repairs,” the manager added.

Once Whiz Water Damage has done this, they start clearing away debris and soot in the affected area. They can also move furniture and other items offsite to be restored or disposed of, if needed. The area is then cleaned and the fire damage repair begins.

We will fully clean the sanitize the area once we are done with repairs. We want to leave your property looking good as new and we will keep you informed from start to finish. Customer communication is important to us and we want you to know you’re in good hands when you call on us for your fire or water damage restoration needs,” the manager said.

To learn more about Whiz Water Damage or to inquire about their Colorado Springs fire damage cleanup and repair services, they can be contacted online at or by phone. They are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so no matter the severity, they can help.


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