Colorado PDR Offers Ceramic Coating for Vehicles

Colorado Paintless Dent Repair, also known as Colorado PDR, is proud to announce the addition of Ceramic Pro, a ceramic protective coating, to their range of available services. This uses nanoceramic technology and is a result of their constant efforts to think of ways to help Colorado drivers care of and maintain their vehicles. Colorado PDR believes that this is the next best step.

Colorado PDRColorado PDR is now an authorized installer of Ceramic Pro, a liquid polymer, that is hand-applied to the painted surface of the vehicle. This ceramic protective coating creates a chemical bond with the factory paint and provides an additional layer of protection and multiple layers of hardness. The bond created is long lasting and won't break down or wash off. Thus, offering slickness, protection, and durability to the vehicle’s paint for years to come.

One of the many benefits for Colorado motorists is the hydrophobic tendencies of the protective coating. It is important to note that snow, mud, ice, and magnesium chloride have a nasty habit of sticking to the paint longer than they should in the winter months but the ceramic protective coating helps reject all of those contaminants. The coating’s self-cleaning properties make the vehicle paint far more resilient and easier to clean. Other benefits include protection from harsh UV damage and oxidation as well as protection from chemical stains and etching.

NanoShine Ltd.’s Ceramic Pro is a clear, liquid nanoceramic coating that cures to form a chemical bond on the surface of the vehicle that results into a rigid super-structure made of nano-glass that offers long-lasting protection. It has been observed to act as a protective coating for vehicle surfaces against solvents, acids, alkalis, UV rays, corrosion, and harsh weather conditions.

Clint Corken, owner of Colorado PDR, says, “We believe in this product so much we also recommend coating your glass and even your vehicle's interior. The benefits extend to things like car seats and handbags. You will not be disappointed in the measurable difference of our ceramic coating process. Contact us to learn more about pricing. We can find a suitable solution for your car and budget.”

Colorado PDR wants to point out that Ceramic Pro is unequalled as a protective coating for vehicles. While the usual clear coats often provide a hardness of 2H to 4H, Ceramic Pro can provide over 9H hardness protection. It provides a glass shield that protects against minor scratches to the coating while also protecting the integrity of the original clear coat.

Ceramic Pro offers several advantages. These include: durable finish; extension of the life of the paint; additional gloss and shine; self-cleaning properties; increased coat hardness; better resale value; less frequent washing; and ability to keep the vehicle looking new. It is also important to note that the Ceramic Pro warranty includes reporting to CarFax that it has been installed for a particular vehicle.

Colorado PDR offer three kinds of Ceramic Pro packages. The Gold Package includes a lifetime warranty and it consists of the installation of four layers of Ceramic Pro 9H on the body of the car. An additional layer of Ceramic Pro 9H is also installed for the exposed areas. The top coat provided is one layer of Ceramic Pro Light, and the plastic surfaces and rims are provided with one layer of Ceramic Pro 9H. And finally, they will add another layer of Ceramic Pro Rain on the front side windows and on the windshield.

The Silver Package comes with a five-year warranty. It consists of one layer of Ceramic Pro 9H and a top coat of Ceramic Pro Light. The rims and plastic surfaces get one layer of Ceramic Pro 9H while Ceramic Pro Rain is installed for the front side windows and the windshield.

The Bronze Package has a two-year warranty. One layer of Ceramic Pro Light is installed and the rims and plastic surfaces get one layer of Ceramic Pro 9H. Ceramic Pro Rain is provided for the windshield and the front side windows.

Those who are interested in the Ceramic Pro protective coating may want to check out the Colorado PDR website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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