CoCounselor Legal Practice Management Software Announces A New Website

Atlanta, Georgia based CoCounselor is pleased to announce the launch of their new and updated website. All interested parties are welcome to visit the site at

"We wanted to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to the community to go visit our website," states Mark Lally of CoCounselor. The launch of their new website marks the culmination of several months of continuous effort on the company's part.

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Lally continues, “While most of the improvements made to the site focus on accessibility and ease of use, we have also managed to refine most of our existing features while adding some brand new ones in the process. Most of them aim to make our clients’ lives easier, both by facilitating navigation across the site and by providing more complete services. It also provides access to resources that are available to them at any given time.”

Every feature on the website aims to highlight their most prominent product: a cloud-based software specially designed for law firms. From providing clear descriptions of their feature-rich software, details on pricing and more, this space seeks to clear any and all inquiries and doubts that the company's prospective clients may have about the product. Through the site, the company offers demonstrations, guides and personal advice on how to use their software, helping their clients make the most of it and understand its functions.

As for the product itself, CoCounselor provides prospect pages that are custom-tailored to suit a given law firm as well as optimize its intake processes. This optimization helps save time and money on intake data entry by accepting potential client data directly through custom webforms, delegating responsibilities regarding record ownership and automated tasks.

CoCounselor's software can automate various tasks, such as the production of scheduled reports that allow firms to accurately track the success of marketing campaigns. In addition, their software also allows firms to track all new potential client calls and automatically create a new prospect record with detailed information. This includes auto-tagging for marketing campaigns, automatically-synced caller ID Information, recorded calls and instant message notifications of missed calls.

"Our software continues to help after you have taken in these prospects and turned them into a client, as we also provide aid in terms of client and case management," says Lally. "Case management takes up 90% of your firm's time. Being able to navigate quickly through your case management solutions is incredibly crucial for the growth, efficiency and success of your firm. Our software offers just that, providing valuable insight into all aspects of an individual case, including case information, source, and more without having to flip to other screens or apps. Since your time is incredibly valuable, good organization and easily accessible information can lighten your burden and help you focus on what is really important."

When it comes to the automatization of more important tasks, the CoCounselor platform does not fail to deliver. For instance, the company states users can automatically schedule events for any new cases. Certain rules can be created to streamline this and several other processes, such as syncing existing Google or Outlook calendars, tracking employee progress within a specified task and creating email alerts for key events, among other tasks.

CoCounselor asserts that their software can also assist firms with document management. The software creates a unique Google Drive folder for each document that is assigned to a specific case, requiring no more than a few extra clicks to set up and finish. This allows them to save money on file storage while simultaneously allowing them to access files anywhere, on any device, and securely sharing these files/folders as needed with view-only or edit access.

"Through our software, we offer law firms all across the US a way to streamline their operations and focus their efforts on the matters that truly require their attention," states Lally. "We'll work with you to make sure that you make the best out of our platform and have it positively impact your operation within the shortest time frame possible. Your success translates to ours as well, so it is within our best interests to guide you and see that it comes to fruition."

The company's website offers more details on CoConselor and their products, features and pricing. Interested parties may also reach out to Mark Lally to follow up on inquiries. Additionally, the company can be reached through their social media pages or you can review how they stack up in the legal practice management software market at their Capterra page


For more information about CoCounselor, contact the company here:

Mark Lally
(404) 419-7893
3391 Peachtree Rd NE #110
Atlanta, GA 30326