Cocoon Healing Pods Maximize Recovery Through Increased Oxygen Intake

New Zealand homeowners in Auckland will be pleased to learn that Cocoon Healing Pods have now made hyperbaric chamber therapy available at home. Hyperbaric therapy is a unique treatment that can produce excellent results when used correctly. Cocoon Healing Pods work by creating an environment that promotes rapid healing.

Founded by Dr. Gary Dennis DC, Cocoon provides easy access to a cost effective method of care to patients in their own home. Dr. Dennis once sustained a significant brain injury while kitesurfing. It caused him to lose consciousness and bleed internally. With the help of hyperbaric care he recovered, but found that getting access to the treatment was expensive and time consuming. He founded Cocoon to make it possible for other people to get access to hyperbaric therapy in a cost effective manner, without having to buy their own mHBOT Chamber.

“Choosing hyperbaric therapy involves a financial risk,” Cocoon acknowledges. “You are an outlier, usually a medical failure, on a personal quest to rediscover your health or that of a loved one. Some of the therapies that you have tried so far have fallen short. At this point, you may even be desperate. This makes you susceptible to being led down a road to another dead end. Cocoon helps you to mitigate that risk as much as possible by creating a healing environment in your own home where you have the best chances to maximize your recovery.”

Hyperbaric therapy makes use of the principles surrounding oxygen absorption and healing to greatly increase the speed at which our body heals. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is defined as the inhalation of 100% oxygen at greater than 1 atmosphere absolute in a pressurized chamber. Hyperbaric therapy has proven quite effective for the treatment of various ailments, and a growing number of hyperbaric oxygen treatment centres have begun to appear all over the country. The treatment has been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and increase the amount of oxygen in various fluids in the body.

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By reducing inflammation, the treatment can help alleviate the symptoms of a number of chronic health conditions and neurologic disorders. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is therefore a very powerful tool that can help treat any of a number of issues. Visit Cocoon on Facebook for more information.

How long do you have to spend in a Cocoon to get the most out of your hyperbaric therapy? As their site says, "When you concentrate oxygen into the body using pressure, it dissolves out of the body again when you remove the pressure — within the same day. Pressurization, therefore, must be maintained seven days a week to keep sufficient oxygen in your system to maximize healing. Part time therapy, where you are offered three to five sessions per week, will likely result in a partial recovery or no recovery at all. Every case is different. The rule of thumb is that the longer you have been affected by your condition, the longer you will need to allow for your body to recover."

Cocoon delivers, installs and provides detailed comprehensive tuition to make sure that every client is well informed regarding the effective and safe use of their personal healing pod.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy works, and it is worth looking into it.

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