Cocaine Side Effects Explained

Boca Raton, FL based Find Addiction Rehabs is reaching out to educate their community on the side effects of cocaine use. In pursuit of this goal, Find Addiction Rehabs has published three comprehensive resources that explore the subject as well as offer guidance to those suffering from cocaine addiction.

Many are aware that abusing cocaine can have a detrimental impact on an individual’s life and relationships, but relatively few can identify the specific signs of cocaine use and their long term effects. As such, the organization hopes that their insight will help more people either avoid this dangerous drug or learn what they can do for loved ones in this situation.

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Cocaine is known by many names, and its popularity in the US alone is eclipsed only by marijuana. However, unlike marijuana, cocaine has a long history of documented side effects that can directly destabilize the user’s life. In fact, Find Addiction Rehabs shares that every 1 in 5 overdose deaths in 2017 was attributed to cocaine use, and around 5.5 million Americans later reported that they used cocaine during this year. The rise in other drugs’ popularity, such as methamphetamine, may lead some to believe that cocaine use has dropped in recent years. As the numbers indicate, cocaine is still a leading problem in the country.

Those who use this drug generally rely on 1 of 3 methods to ingest it, with the most popular of these being to sniff a line of crushed powder into the nose via straw or rolled up implement. The result of this method is often felt between 30-60 seconds following intake, and it can last between 15-30 minutes. The next method is known as ‘freebasing.’ Here, the powder is mixed into a small amount of water and smoked off of aluminum foil (a lighter is typically used to heat the lower surface of the foil). The smoke from this is inhaled through a straw. The result here lasts between 5-15 minutes. The third method of ingestion involves users mixing the cocaine with water and drawing it up into a syringe, following which it will be administered intravenously. The result is immediately felt, and it can last between 15-30 minutes.

Cocaine use leads to several long and short-term symptoms. Those who use this drug generally do so for the so-called positive effects, such as increased happiness, alertness and short bursts of energy. Unfortunately, the truth is that it does not take an addiction or continued use for an individual to experience the short-term negative effects associated with this drug as well, including irritability, extreme paranoia, sweating, a raised body temperature and so on. Users may also report an uncomfortable sensitivity to light, sound and touch.

The long term cocaine effects should not be dismissed either. Over time, a person who uses cocaine may experience a loss of smell and/or taste, nosebleeds, problems swallowing, psychosis, heart disease, heart attacks, stroke and more. Find Addiction Rehabs adds that the method of ingestion can lead to negative side effects as well, such as respiratory distress and asthma from the long-term smoking of cocaine and scarring or collapsed veins from IV use. Once an addiction has set in, it also becomes much more difficult for someone abusing cocaine to stop because they will experience sharp withdrawal symptoms upon attempting to do so.

Notably, withdrawal symptoms are not expected to be deadly, but they can be quite uncomfortable — to the extent that the organization says most people suffering from addiction will actually return to using cocaine for relief. Anxiety, depression, stomach cramps, fatigue and intense cravings for more cocaine are only a few of the typical symptoms that a cocaine user will endure during withdrawal.

The rest of the organization’s articles on cocaine use cover a great deal more of the symptoms people suffering from addiction are known to experience, including its effects on the lungs, dental health, skin and so on. Find Addiction Rehabs urges their community to familiarize themselves with these symptoms so that they can recognize when a friend or loved one is in need of help.

“The cost of cocaine use, beyond the financial, can be extremely damaging for individuals as well as their families,” states Find Addiction Rehabs. “From the long term effects, to the signs of use, the staff at Find Addiction Rehabs wants those using cocaine and their loved ones to know the full risks of the substance, as well as the ease of being able to pick up the phone, call their team, and find nationwide resources for treatment facilities. With fast, free insurance verification and connections to the top facilities in the country, Find Addiction Rehabs can offer same day placement when needed to help those suffering put cocaine behind them for 2022 and beyond.”

Anyone searching for a local rehab for cocaine is welcome to contact the team at Find Addiction Rehabs through their hotline. More information on cocaine abuse as well as numerous resources on treatment options, insurance and more can also be found on their official website.


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